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Mary B
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Mary B is a freelance writer. She is currently working on a Master of Fine Arts Degree in English with a focus on Professional and Creative Writing. Having worked in the Information Technology industry for over twenty years and the Finance industry for ten years she developed skills essential to communicating complex technical information to end users – customers, designers, and vendors – more efficiently. She works with diverse professional backgrounds to determine their needs and writes the documentation needed for their specific project. She has written white papers, how-to manuals, instruction manuals, quick references, articles, and more.

Mary is also the administrator of a local non-profit organization. She has written successful grant proposals for churches, charter schools, and other non-profit organizations that to provide funds to assist the needy in the community and fund educational programs in charter schools and daycare centers.

Mary is passionate about writing. Since she was a small girl waiting impatiently for the mailman to deliver the books she ordered from Weekly Reader, she has wanted to be a writer. She loves words. When she reads and writes she listens. Each sentence must sound right - like the notes in a song. To her credit, she has published poetry, short stories, and essays. As a ghostwriter, she has written a multitude of blurbs, blogs, articles and e-zines for a variety of clients. She has also been a ghostwriter on the academic front. Her research and writing skills have led to jobs writing masters and doctoral thesis manuscripts on topics, such as trends in education, nursing, theology, and ancient languages. She hopes that her experience as a writer enables her to create articles and stories that are informative and enjoyable.
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