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Pamela P. has been writing professionally since 2007 and has prepared and sold various articles that have appeared on many online websites. She specializes in research articles and enjoys being given a topic and producing content that is unique and engaging. Her favorite topics to write on are fashion, health, gardening and beauty but she has also provided numerous medical, nutrition and educational articles.

Ghost and SEO writings are especially fun for Pam and she is entertained when she stumbles upon online articles written by her. She is happy to provide content for WebPages and as long as she pleases the client she is contented. Blogs are other pieces she likes to produce. She has many hobbies like cooking, candle making, sewing and crafts and she adores sharing what she knows on these subjects.

Another noteworthy accomplishment Pam P. is proud of is an interview she did for a local television news program. A reporter wanted advice on how to save money in these stressful economic times and Pam P. delivered the goods. Several of her articles were showcased in the segment and they included information on how to grow vegetable indoors, how to install radiant home heated floors and how to raise poultry.

Pam P. also has a strong philosophy on how her articles are presented. She believes that first impressions really matter and the opening paragraph should inspire the viewer to keep reading. The article itself should be packed with as much helpful information as possible. She also feels that one paragraph should lead into the other and the article should have a steady flow. The conclusion should attempt to answer any question the reader has on the topic and they should also leave completely satisfied.


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Pamela P. is very interested on how to have a healthy, disease free body. She has produced many articles about the benefits of certain vitamins as well as holistic approaches to medical issues. She knows all about dieting and has done several articles on how to lose weight the healthy way.

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Summary of Industry Experience


Health or medical articles are fascinating to Pamela P. Although she has no formal medical training, she enjoys doing research on how the body works and how diseases infect the body. She has produced many different medical articles and on a variety of different subjects. She also likes to learn about nutrition and how certain things benefit the body.


Pamela P. is very interested on how to have a healthy, disease free body. She has produced many articles about the benefits of certain vitamins as well as holistic approaches to medical issues. She knows all about dieting and has done several articles on how to lose weight the healthy way.


Pamela P. enjoys beautiful gardens but she is also proficient at growing things herself. She has had many vegetable and flower gardens and can take care of any plant, from seedling to a full grown plant. She knows where to place plants within a garden setting for optimum growth and has written several articles about unique plants.


Pamela P. knows how to sew and create unique fashions using her own ideas. She can make any article of clothing but specializes in making women's wear. She has also made a few articles of clothing for men that include ties and biker vests. She also enjoys making candles, knitting, making decorative bottles and is a novice artist.


Pamela P. is a big fan of entertainment. She enjoys all kinds of television shows and movies. Her favorite genres are horror, comedy, documentary-dramas and biographies. Most of all, she loves to follow celebrities and really enjoys hearing about celeb gossip. She has written many SEO articles in this genre


Pamela P. has written several beauty related articles. She has experience in taking care of the skin and what vitamins and foods are vital for healthy skin. She has experience in using facial creams and make-up and since she has extremely curly hair, she knows how to nourish it. She also knows how to style any type of hair.


Pamela P. enjoys ever aspect of fashion. She loves to create it and is into new styles. Although she likes women's clothing, her real passion is designer handbags. She collects them and dreams of the day when she can one of every type. She also has experience in selling high end handbags, so she is familiar with popular designers.


Pamela P. tries to take care of herself and understands that women sometimes experience things that men don’t. Whether it is relationships problems, a lack of confidence or just plain female problems, women should know how to properly nourish their bodies and take care of themselves. This includes subjects like menopause and the symptoms that are associated with it.


Hobbies are important to Pamela P. They are enjoyable and produce a good feeling when they are completed. Some of Pamela's hobbies include candle making, cooking, knitting sewing and she loves to make jewelry. She can look at a specific piece and know how it was created. She has had experience with beading and adding gemstones to clothing.


Nutrition has always been important to Pamela P. At one point in her life she gained 60 pounds and knew she had to incorporate new ways to nourish her body. By doing healthy research she decided that making healthy choices when choosing foods to eat would not only help her to lose weight but to become a healthier person.

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Pamela P. has completed blog posts on subjects that include celebrity news, fashion, real estate and much more. She understands that she has knowledge on many subjects and likes to share her interests with others. She hopes that her information is beneficial to companies as well as people who are visiting their WebPages.

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