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Ephataya E is a freelance writer located in The Windy City - Chicago. Ephataya E is a talented freelance writer who has written over 10,000 blog posts, articles, and product descriptions for private clients and web content companies. Her research skills are impeccable, and she produces quality content promptly.

So, what makes Ephataya the ideal freelance writer for you? She’s inquisitive by nature and enjoys detailed articles. She understands the importance of capturing the audience’s attention. Ephataya writes short sentence content, so not to lose the reader. Her goal is to educate your audience and help them see the value that you offer.

Ephataya has five years' experience working in the higher education field; three years' experience working in the information technology and security industries; four years working in the pharmaceutical industry; and three years working in the active adult community.


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  • Finance50+
  • Real Estate20+
  • Education20+
  • Health10+

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Taya has developed a passion for writing blogs and articles in the financial sector. She specializes in personal finance, frugal living, and loan options. However, Taya also writes regarding money market accounts.

Real Estate

As a ghost writer, Taya has numerous private real estate broker clients she writes creative MLS descriptions, luxury high-rise real estate descriptions, and engaging blog posts. Taya also writes informative and well researched articles regarding the real estate market. Finally, she creates web content for real estate broker's personal webpages.


Taya E. has written educational articles related to higher education options, online college platforms, and student financial aid options. She has over 5 years' experience in the education industry. Taya also personally advises high school students and their parents regarding options to reduce or avoid college debt.


Taya is a professional writer and an MBA graduate of Health Care Administration. Since her mother was a nurse, Taya was always exposed to various health care practices and terminology. She obtained her Associates degree in Computer Network Systems as she worked for a premier retirement community. Taya quickly developed correlations between Health Care and Information Technology of which she worked as a Medications Management Systems Specialist for a generic pharmaceutical company, a Contract Administrator for a Health Care Network, and also a Network Administrator for an Insurance Brokerage firm.

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