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Fabian has over seven years of professional writing experience in multiple industries such as sports reporting, journalism, corporate technical writing, and marketing. He also recently finished his first fictional novel that he plans to self publish by the end of 2013.

Fabian also has a bachelor's degree in English, has accomplished all his Pre-med requirements, and an International MBA. It's his personal belief that education, creativity and a vast scope of knowledge are the perfect combination to become a world-class writer.



This writer's personal interests include business, finance, medicine, biological sciences, physical sciences, the arts, sports, travel, food, fitness, and family.


Nova Southeastern University.

Fabian received a BA in English from Nova Southeastern University while also completing his pre-med biological sciences requirements. After college, Fabian moved to Central America for over a year before returning to the Florida to earn an International MBA.


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IT development has become a continual point of investment for businesses all around the world. It has become the key factor for all fortune 500 companies that will allow them to stay competitive in the national and international market. Software development starts with an idea which is turned into a code that is implemented and developed with a team of programmers. From there, the program enters QA development where it undergoes multiple hours of testing and retesting until the product reaches approval standards. The development of new applications and software are making it easier for companies to perform tasks that used to take more time to perform.


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An MBA provides a writer with the necessary knowledge of national and international business practices. The ability to follow the financial markets and assess the impact that they have on corporate America is critical for providing readers with an interest in business with the most accurate news. It is also critical for a business writer to have the experience in the corporate sector to reach out to readers who want to improve their performances at work for their specific department which could be marketing, finance, sales, IT, or business development.


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A finance writer must follow the markets daily in order to report the trends that are having the biggest impact on the business sector. Financial markets include the Forex market, equity market, and money market which all play a significant role in the financial decisions of the world's largest businesses.


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There is no better experience as sports writer than to have live press box experience for a major sporting event. The experience is like none other. Sports writers ought to have the ability to accurately report the facts of the event in a timely manner in order to give the editor enough time to review the information before publication.


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Travel writing may sound more glamorous than it actually is. A writer must be able to illustrate an image with words that can give the reader an accurate view the location being reported. Many factors have to be taken into consideration when writing about particular location. Social, political, and religious beliefs are all important when attempting to grasp the true essence of the location.


4 Projects Completed

Fitness writers must have a long standing interest in health, exercise, and nutrition. Fitness is not a fad that someone simply decides to take upon in order earn the right to tell others how to live. Instead, fitness experts have appreciated the benefits of healthy living for a long time and are willing to share their knowledge so that others may benefit. A fitness writer is as consistent with their health as they are with their writing career. By providing readers with genuine information that has been accumulated over the span of at least a decade, the fitness writer can contribute greatly to the masses.


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