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Jen B. has been writing online for the past 8 years. She has enjoyed careers as a blogger, professional ghostwriter, eBook author and SEO researcher. She is currently a lead marketing manager for a Fortune 100 company who likes to apply her marketing expertise to freelance writing in her spare time.

Jen enjoys writing about many different fields including entertainment, social networks, business, hobbies, gardening, health and more. She uses her life experience as an educator, business person and marketing manager to add flair and intelligence to her writing style. With a degree in Education and experience as an English teacher, she is diligent about grammar and spelling and loves to bring a fresh voice to her readers.


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Jen writes in house and external articles about inbound marketing based on her experience at a Fortune 100 company.

Web Development

Jen has written extensively for the blog of a popular web hosting company. She has an elaborate knowledge of SEO and social media techniques.

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  • Blog Post100+

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Blog Post

Jen has written hundreds of paid blog posts over the past few years. Her clients are always delighted with her engaging voice and informative blog entries.

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