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Nickolina J has ghostwritten blogs on tile, heavy equipment/truck driver training, retail management software, videoconferencing, resume services, real estate, and education. Because she homeschooled her children through graduation in Pennsylvania (a state requiring extensive documentation) she has a wide background in many subjects. She has many insights on working with children and teens. An artist, she has illustrated a children's book and created a workbook explaining the effects of a grandmother's stroke for children. She works as a temporary contractor for the FCC in the Auctions Division and call center, and spent three years helping callers during the DTV transition.


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This completed assignment by Nickolina J was a series of shallow industry photography blog posts done Monday through Friday with the business name mentioned 3-5 times. Blog posts ranged from basic photographic composition and camera care to specific items carried by the shop. It did not have to be detailed or reflect specific photographic expertise.


Nickolina J does a weekly newsletter for a client who wants their daily blog posts linked with teaser openers and a paragraph written in their preferred style encouraging the reader to click on those links.

This means that she has a constant exposure to current thoughts and trends in marketing.


Nickolina J wrote this blog post three times a week for a small businesswoman who makes modest, affordable children's clothing. The blog posts focus on modesty but also coordinate with the owner's current projects and interests. This was written in the owner's 'voice' and required consistent interaction with the owner and her facebook page.


Nickolina J homeschooled her four children through graduation in PA, under one of the strictest homeschool laws in the US. All four have gone on to college successfully.


Nickolina J has a personal blog with thoughts on marriage and spirituality because her children requested a permanent record. This is not expected to be regular posts, but has several years of accumulated observations.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Product Description50+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Nickolina J has written blog posts on modesty, cloth diapers, family, homeschooling, residential fountains, HVAC, Bible teaching, children's clothing, and more. She has a varied background as a home educator, gardener, homemaker, quilter, and artist.

Product Description

Nickolina has done a number of product descriptions for various Writer Access Clients and has satisfied all of them.

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