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After writing avidly for 18 years, Amy is very passionate and experienced in the arts of both creative and technical writings. Her creative pieces have included lyric, poetry, journals, columns, prose, letters, children's books, and short stories. Her technical writing has included business plans, market analysis, product descriptions, product reviews, proposals, resumes, cover letters, reviews, blogs, E-books, articles, and article curation.

Amy has 10 years of outside work experience in various markets, which allow her the knowledge and understanding of a diverse pool of topics. She has worked and studied within customer service, food service, retail, child and adult care, nutrition, brand promotion, marketing, and sales.

If you are looking for someone that is passionate, precise, punctual, and professional, to devote an undivided attention to your project; whatever it might be, then look no further. You can rest assured that you will not be disappointed in choosing Amy for your writing visions.


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Amy H's Health Industry Experience

6 Projects Completed

Amy H. has written articles on Health and Fitness for various different avenues. She has created articles on herbal teas, healthy foods, and lifestyle changes.

Industry Projects

  • Fitness20+
  • Food8
  • Health6
  • Outdoor/Recreation4
  • Business4
  • Relationships2
  • Nutrition2

Summary of Industry Experience


Amy has written articles and e-books on Health and Fitness for different clients and writing avenues. One such assignment was an e-book on how to lose weight and stay healthy.


Amy has written both food related articles and recipes for various writing sites. Some of these assignments include a "Pulled Pork" recipe, "Quick and Easy snacks to take on a train", 'Spicing up grandma's recipes", and "How to bake turnips."


Amy H. has written articles on Health and Fitness for various different avenues. She has created articles on herbal teas, healthy foods, and lifestyle changes.


Amy has only completed four assignments in the field of Outdoors Recreation; however she is an avid nature lover herself. She spends much of her time with her family camping, hiking, and taking part in various outdoor activities.


Amy has successfully completed Business Plans, Resumes, Cover Letters, and Business Proposals. She has completed these projects for various different clients from different avenues.


Amy has written articles on relationships and dating, and one e-book on how to get a girlfriend without the suave pick up lines.


Amy has successfully completed projects on the fields of nutrition and wellness. She has written about self-motivation, fitness, healthy lifestyle, and proper diets.

Product Projects

  • Product Description50+
  • Article0

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Amy has completed numerous product descriptions over the years. She has focused her reviews on products within the genres of beauty, fitness, home care, and family living; however she is enthusiastic of any opportunity to further her expertise and hone in on her skill.


Amy has been writing for several years, and has completed over 100 paid articles. She has successfully completed articles on several topic points, including but not limited to traveling, fitness, health and wellness, organic living, parenting, love and relationships, and family and home.

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