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Mialei is a highly successful professional with eighteen years of experience in all aspects of project coordination, operations management, and customer service. She has the ability to achieve superior results with minimal direction. Her proven customer interface skills include excellent written and verbal communication skills while specializing in listening beyond the spoken word. Mialei is a motivated self-starter drawing on an extensive professional experience of multi-level interaction. She has led teams through periods of unprecedented change in operational objectives and business models while retaining employees, raising morale, and improving customer service levels. Her leaders defined each situation with the same sentence, “We have never done this before either.

After three years of writing independently, Mialei has developed strategies that allow her to produce high-quality content that exceeds the client's expectations. Concise wording is her strength because she strives to use strong verbs and descriptive adjectives. Her personal goal is to match her style with the client's needs for each of the requests. Each writing assignment is an opportunity to optimize the word-count and gain recognition in the search engines. Fast turnaround ensures that the client can make a request and receive superior work in return.

Professional experience allows Mialei to offer helpful business-related articles to the client. Personal interests add depth to each article because the best writers are avid readers of many different types of books, articles and blogs. Broad interests have allowed Mialei to write articles in many different categories in response to client requests.


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Mialei writes blog posts that are interesting and informative. Each topic is presented in the appropriate tone for the readers. Blog post length determines how much information is included.

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Mialei I. has worked in corporate settings where teams were required to work toward the same goal. Her writing experience in this area includes various articles and blog entries about management, staffing, teamwork and problem solving. Each piece was well organized and written according to the client's instructions.

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Mialei writes blog posts that are interesting and informative. Each topic is presented in the appropriate tone for the readers. Blog post length determines how much information is included.


Mialei writes articles according to the client's instructions. Enhancements are made when additional information would add clarity and engage the reader. Careful formatting ensures that the webpage is not cluttered with long sentences. Organized thoughts are more important than generating extra words. Longer articles are fun to write since additional details enhance the reader's understanding of the subject.

Web Page

Mialei writes appealing web pages with an awareness of the importance of white space. Visitors tend to scan web pages for important facts. Short paragraphs and concise sentences allow the visitor to glean important information and take appropriate action. Retaining the visitor's interest is essential.

Press Release

Mialei writes press releases that draw attention to the most current events happening at your company. Announcements and events are interesting to people who want to know more about the businesses in the community. Newsworthy items will generate interest in the press that can go viral on the Internet.

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