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Audrey O earned her Bachelor's Degree in English at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has created a large collection of blog posts, articles, product descriptions and reviews across a wide range of topics. She enjoys researching and writing about a variety of topics including but not limited to technology, medicine, travel, education, literature, sports, and business topics. She is currently an active writer carving out her niche in many eclectic topics. She has experience working with medical professionals and volunteering at a local hospital for several months. She is also gifted in writing poetry and fiction, and enjoys studying literature in her downtime. Audrey is very eager to take on any project and enjoys learning new things as her writing grows. She has a varied career background, but has always found writing to be her main passion. Drawing on this background has allowed her to improve her writing experience and lets her share her personal experience in writing on familiar topics. She is very eager to learn and explore new subjects as much as she can and it shows in her works. As she writes, she has developed a certain penchant for writing about the medical industry and technology. Any article or topic that combines these two areas brings out her curiosity and research, and she is dedicated to writing about these two industries, whether or not they are combined.


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Keeping an eye on technological advances and trends, Audrey has written pieces on cloud storage, social media tips and tricks, new products and machinery. She likes discovering new services and devices and writing about the perks and range of their uses.


Audrey has written several articles on various medical topics ranging from dealing with migraines to new medical technology. She enjoys writing on this and related topics, combining her interest in medicine with her passion for writing. She has a career background in the medical field and a keen interest in all things dealing with advances in medicine.

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Audrey is proficient at writing articles in the 500-1000 word range, and willing to write more as a project requires. Clients who need well-researched and professional articles will find her an asset to their project. She is also skilled in adhering to any necessary keyword densities that a project may require. Her articles have appeared online and serve to inform potential clients about a particular service or provide helpful information.

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