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A native of Memphis, Tennessee, William K. brings four years of experience in search engine marketing, ghostwriting, and copywriting to work for his clients. Originally an independent affiliate marketer specializing in online gaming and health-and-fitness, he has worked for two years with a major image management firm, completing assignments for clients ranging from public school teachers and car salesmen to Fortune 500 executives and foreign presidents. In the process, he's ghostwritten hundreds of articles in dozens of fields, including politics, business, medical technology, education, law, and consumer goods.

As a former affiliate marketer, he developed a knack for researching new fields and developing high quality content optimized for any niche. He also understands the expectations of a small business owner when hiring freelance writers and how to meet those expectations.

During his more recent endeavors in public relations, content production, and ghostwriting, William K. developed his writing skills to their current level. He holds a strong grasp on the nuts and bolts of English grammar and can match his writing level to any potential audience, conveying complex concepts equally well to laymen and experts. He has completed highly technical ghostwriting assignments on behalf of numerous high-profile professionals.

William K. commits himself to providing readers with honest, well-researched articles that work to support his clients' goals. By developing content backed by strong ethics and a firm understanding of the field at hand, he avoids the generating the pitfalls less honest or well-researched articles might generate.

Moving forward, William K. hopes to continue polishing his writing and using his skills to the benefit of readers and clients.


William K. specializes in producing content that matches his audience. He works best writing professional or casual language pieces backed by multiple sources. He also maintains a firm understanding of SEO concepts and techniques.

His work history includes how-to guides, blog posts, ad copy, biographies, and various forms of ghostwritten content.


William K. enjoys learning for the sake of learning--when curiosity strikes, he searches the internet until he understands a subject as intimately as any expert. In his free time, he enjoys gaming, reading and writing speculative fiction, and listening to music.


Middle Tennessee State University

When he began his education, William K. intended to become a lawyer. After a year, he discovered his love of writing and began a career as a freelancer, forgoing the expense of a higher education.


209 Projects Completed

An avid gamer, William K. spent a year as a blogger and affiliate marketer specializing in online games such as World of Warcraft, Lineage 2, Dark Age of Camelot, and EverQuest II. He continues to maintain an active interest in numerous online games and in the latest industry news.


151 Projects Completed

While working as part of a major public relations firm, William K. wrote on behalf of countless businessmen, including executives from some of major multinationals and Fortune 500 corporations. He developed a firm understanding of finance, corporate management, and other aspects of business.


53 Projects Completed

In addition to a strong personal interest in personal fitness and nutrition, William K. worked for a year writing as a specialist in the field. He keeps up with the latest studies and has recently developed a special interest in the potential benefits of ketogenic diets and other low-carb high-fat diets.


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