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Mason has 5 years of research and essay/article writing experience in a variety of subjects, both academic and non-academic. As a political science student, he is well-versed in research and writing on current events and politics. Mason also has 2 years of copywriting experience, offering sales, advertising, and email copy.


Mason is currently studying political science at university, so he specializes in content relating to college life, current affairs, politics, and Gen Z concerns. Mason is also part of the LGBTQ+ community and enjoys researching and writing about events and issues surrounding the community, including comedic, serious, help articles, and more.


Mason's writing interests include college life/lifestyle, Gen Z/student issues, LGBTQ+ issues, and politics/current events. While these are his specialties, Mason is always looking to learn new things and is interested in practically anything that he can learn. Outside of writing, Mason is a musician and self-proclaimed comic book nerd, especially DC and Batman.


Fordham University


5 Projects Completed

As a political scientist, Mason is almost always researching political topics, much of which is for either academic or opinion writing. Mason follows politics and current events very closely and knows how to find and verify reputable sources to ensure that you have the right information. Mason also has experience writing in both emotional and non-emotional tones for political pieces, depending on the intended audience.


30 Projects Completed

From academic writing to writing blog articles on a range of topics, Mason has a great deal of experience in article writing. Mason has written articles in a variety of tones and styles, such as listicles, reviews, informational, humorous, serious, and more. He also has years of experience with researching a variety of topics, and is able to verify and cite these sources thoroughly in a variety of formats.

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