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Angelique's background before becoming a writer was marketing and healthcare working as a massage therapist for medical and alternative purposes. For the last eight years she has been a freelance writer, working with several different companies, including two and a half years as the copywriter for an INC 500 dog grooming franchise. She has a bachelors in creating writing and English with a concentration in fiction and a minor in psychology. She is currently working on her MFA in creative writing- fiction.


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Industry Projects

  • Health100+
  • Beauty100+
  • Real Estate100+
  • Marketing100+
  • Consumer Goods100+
  • Fitness100+
  • Entertainment100+
  • Pets20+
  • Gaming20+
  • Hobby20+
  • Garden20+
  • Spirituality10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Angelique has written a number of pieces on health related issues. This includes many different conditions ranging from hypertension to balding. As a woman that suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome and infertility issues herself she is able to provide information based on her own personal experience. With this, she has also worked in a chiropractic setting and understands the value alternative medicine can play alongside western medicine.


Angelique has written on everything from specific beauty products to solutions to beauty issues, such as aging and balding. The work has been related to many different areas of the beauty industry, including makeup products, antiaging and even teeth whitening. The work done has been in the form of product reviews, informative articles and even press releases.

Real Estate

Angelique has written pieces on many aspects of the real estate industry including mortgages and even foreclosure. She has written ebooks on the matter and even a number of articles. She has written on the financial side as well as tips and tricks to getting the right home that meets the needs of the buyer.


Angelique has taken several college courses in marketing and has worked several marketing jobs in her life. Her experience with content includes ebooks and informative articles advising small businesses on how they can improve their sales. One of her passions is helping businesses to realize that they need to have an appropriate budget for marketing in order to have a thriving business.

Consumer Goods

Angelique has written on a number of different products, some of which have been beauty related, though many of which have not. She has written about everything from golf aids to books. This has taken the form of reviews, informative and marketing material and even website content for the creator of the product.


Angelique has written many pieces of content on the fitness industry. Some of have been basic articles for people with certain issues, such as postmenopausal women or people with joint issues. Part of what has given her the knowledge she needs is her training as a health care professional as a massage therapist. By understanding the way the muscles work as well as certain pathologies, she can help to give better advice than someone without this knowledge.


Angelique has written content on TV shows and movies ranging from reviews to general information on different entertainment products. She is also an avid TV watcher with a full DVR. She sees about one new movie a week, be it by rental or going to a movie theatre. Her tastes are also diverse enough to allow here the ability to appreciate many styles of entertainment.


Angelique has written content on handling issues with pets as well as products for pets. With a shiba inu at home, she has an understanding of dogs and has had numerous pets in her lifetime. She is an animal lover who finds animal related pieces to be among her favorite.


Angelique has written content on a number of different games and gaming websites. Part of what has been written is for her personal blog The Sims 3. She is an avid player of the game and has every expansion pack released. She also has a Wii and a PS3 and enjoys playing one player games as well as games with her family.


Angelique has written numerous articles and even an ebook on different hobbies. She is an avid crocheter and even has her own etsy store where she sells her products. On top of this, she also enjoys many other crafts and hobbies ,which helps to give here the information needed for the content.


Angelique has written numerous articles on indoor and her gardens. She enjoys gardening in her spare time, which also helps to give her a better understanding of this topic. Her writing has included reviews of different garden products and informative pieces including tips and tricks for gardening in your home, such as vertical gardens.


Angelique has written a few articles on spirituality. However, her real knowledge on the subject comes from being raised in a Pentecostal home as the daughter of a minister. As she reached adulthood, she reached out to understand more of the spirituality of her faith rather than simply the religious aspect of it.

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