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Eric B enjoys helping others in their professional or educational pursuits. Considering himself a student of life, he learned early that there was nothing he could not learn or teach others. In the Navy submarine force, he learned and taught such diverse subjects as nuclear propulsion plant, high and low pressure air systems, several different hydraulic systems, ventilation, passive broadband sonar, damage control, fire control, contact evaluation plot, helms/planesman, lookout and so on.
Fascinated with psychology, he began to study human communications and how to inspire people to try to reach their full potential. Writing fiction first, he learned that he could inspire others through his short stories. After conquering his fear of public speech, he spoke in front of groups as large as 3500.
Owning a computer store broadened his horizons and eventually fueled a thirst for a formal education. With Associate degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science, he continued on to get his Bachelor's in Computer Forensics and Master's in Information Technology Project Management. Becoming proficient in college research papers in MLA and APA referencing styles, he became a freelance technical writer for manufacturing plants in his spare time.
Having traveled the world the Navy, he went on to live in Scotland, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Philippines and still he yearns to expand his knowledge, learn as much as possible and help as many others in the process.
As a professional writer, Eric B intends to help others achieve their goals while researching enticing new subjects, furthering his knowledge and enabling him to help and inspire those around him.


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While this subject might be considered controversial to some, Eric B spent a few years blogging and debunking rumors about an impending "revaluation" of the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong. There are many who speculate that these currencies will undergo a significant increase in value at some future date. Companies that sell dinar and people who like to claim 15 minutes of internet fame (commonly referred to as "pumpers") will post anonymous tips and information and cite fictitious sources to "pump" sale of these currencies. The pumpers have been claiming that it has already happened or that it will happen later today, every day for the past several years. Eric B took it upon himself to debunk these rumors and provide a place for people to see real news and decide for themselves as an alternative to the emotional roller coaster provided by the pumpers. Eric B stopped this about a year ago on advice from his attorney. The target audience required an informal tone.


As QS-9000 Document Systems Coordinator for an aluminum wheel manufacturing plant and a chrome plating facility next door, Eric B was instrumental in writing technical instructions for every workstation. A total of 91 book locations contained laminated copies of the instructions for every machine in that area. Every worker had to use each machine in exactly the same way and every instruction manual had to list every step that each worker took to satisfy third party auditors for the initial QS-9000 certification and random audits thereafter. The third party auditors had never given higher marks in the area of document systems.


While not paid for it, Eric B wrote numerous essays, reports and papers during the educational process. Topics included all aspects of business, finance, computer technology, programming, database administration, network administration, computer forensics and information technology project management. Researching and writing these papers were his favorite part of the educational process because he learned and retained so much more when free to research new subjects with more depth than required.


Curious about what makes people do what they do, Eric B has spent his life studying relationships and human communications in an effort to help and inspire as many people as possible. Relationships can include romantic aspirations, but Eric B tries to help people excel in all aspects of relationships, including business, casual, negotiations, diplomacy, conflict resolution, sales, effective listening and teaching. When it gets down to it, the meaning of our relationships, with ourselves and others, is a major factor in determining how we interpret and enjoy the world around us.


In the Navy, Eric B restructured the curriculum for the Submarine Administration School in Groton, CT. Out of date and incomplete, the old curriculum had been under constant criticism, but the school administrators claimed they were understaffed and out of budget. Eric B took it upon himself and dedicated four hours per day for over six months, outside of his normal duties, to bring the school's student and instructor manuals up-to-date. He received his first Navy Achievement Medal for his efforts.

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Eric B spent several years blogging about the possible revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong. Before he stopped at the advice of his attorney, he spent a great deal of time debunking rumors from people (commonly referred to as pumpers) who profit in some way from the sale of these currencies. Claims that it has just happened or that it's about to happen are made daily and these pumpers will put as many people on a fictitious emotional roller coaster. These people need to think for themselves and Eric B tried to provide that for them. The tone is informal because of the target audience.

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