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Jeremy D began his freelance writing venture in January of 2005 with a respected online publication. He has continued to provide high-quality content such as opinion columns, SEO, fact sheets, blog posts, how-to articles, ghostwriting, and much more. He has provided content on a wide array of topics such as sports, health and fitness, as well as the automotive industry. In 2008, he authored a book titled "Superstars of Pro Football- Ray Lewis" published by Mason Crest Publishers, Inc. Jeremy D also received his Introduction To Internet Writing Markets Certificate from an online course provided by Georgia Southern University in 2006. He is passionate about writing, and strives to provide engaging yet factual content that readers can appreciate. For Jeremy D, writing is both a hobby and a lifestyle.


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  • Sports500+
  • Auto100+
  • Fitness50+
  • Health20+
  • Nutrition20+
  • Travel20+

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Jeremy D is an expert on the topic of sports, and has been a feature writer for two different esteemed online publications. He excels in all sports such American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, and Auto Racing. He has provided opinion articles, player biographies, how-to play fact sheets, news commentary, and sports safety articles.


Jeremy D has composed numerous articles regarding the automotive industry. He has submitted articles describing direct specifications for different vehicles, repair articles, as well as automobile safety articles. He has provided content based around automobile racing, as well as hobby and classic cars. Jeremy D has written content based on vehicle purchasing advice.


Jeremy D is an accomplished fitness writer, who is passionate on this topic. Not only does he strive to be physically fit, but he strives to encourage others through his passionate writing. He has composed many fact sheets and advice articles related to fitness for men and women.


Jeremy D has created quality content regarding topics related to health. He has submitted unique articles based on general health topics such as diet, excercise, health insurance, and health care. He is dedicated to provide engaging content on all topics surrounding health.


Jeremy D has a passion for healthy eating habits, and enjoys creating content that benefits readers. He has written numerous articles related to healthy eating and nutrition.


Jeremy D enjoys to travel, thus he is dedicated to providing unique yet factual articles related to travel. He has provided content for a well-respected online publication. The articles were thought-provoking pieces intended to give the reader the absolute best vision of a particular destination perhaps enticing them to possible travel to this particular location.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Book1

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Jeremy D has composed thousands of articles since his freelance writing venture began. His experience ranges on an assortment of topics from sports, fitness, nutrition, health, business, travel, entertainment, and more. He enjoys engaging readers with quality content that is both accurate and entertaining.

Blog Post

Jeremy D owns a NASCAR blog that is a member of Yardbarker, one of the widely read blogging networks. He has also posted blogs on numerous topics, such as product and website reviews. Jeremy D enjoys blogging, and views it as a way to share opinions and state the facts in a more casual online setting.


While Jeremy D has specialized in online content creation for publications requiring articles, blog posts, SEO, and similar projects, he has ventured into the world of authoring. In 2008, he authored the book 'Superstars of Pro Football- Ray Lewis', published by Mason Crest Publishers, Inc. The book was written at Middle School level, as that was the target audience. Jeremy D spent approximately three months research and composing this book. It was a memorable experience.

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