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Jeremy has written for years. He has written for a variety of publications.


Jeremy's specialties encompass a range of areas. Those include, the Chicago Manual of Style, APA style formatting and citations, content writing, article writing, creative writing, blogging, and tutoring.


Jeremy's writing interests include science fiction and fantasy, as well as historical fiction. He has expanded that to also include pop culture articles and analysis.

His non-writing interests range from reading, to cooking. He also enjoys 3D printing, amateur carpentry, gardening, and Lego construction.


University of Iowa

He attended the University of Iowa from 2003 to 2008. He wrote extensively and took classes from the Writer's Workshop.


2 Projects Completed

Jeremy's been published in two magazines. They were two separate IPs, both of the science fiction genre. One story was also featured in a "Best of the Quarter" quarterly magazine.


1 Projects Completed

Jeremy has been a social studies teacher for 12 years. He has 10 years experience teaching AP Government & Politics, and 9 years teaching AP Psychology. He also works during the summer reading AP Psychology written exams and scoring them.


15 Projects Completed

Jeremy writes articles about Star Wars and other pop culture for a pop culture magazine.

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