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Tommy holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. He has experience writing newsletters, web pages, emails, menus, social media, blogs, and more. He is written as a freelancer, assisted in written publications for a country club, and taught writing as an English teacher for six years.
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Tommy's specialties include, but are not limited to, writing fiction, blog posts, web pages, research articles, marketing emails, and presentation material.

With years of experience as a teacher, he is skilled at presenting complex topics concisely and straightforwardly to a varied audience. With years of customer service behind him, he is sure to help give his clients a positive experience.


Tommy is interested in being the best possible parent to his two kids, sharing his passion for learning, taking on new challenges, and becoming a full-time, professional writer. He enjoys playing tabletop games to work out the creative and strategic parts of his mind while enjoying the company of others.


Lindenwood University


100 Projects Completed

After six years as a teacher, Tommy has created content for all four core subjects for grade levels 3-12. Most of his work was for secondary English courses. He specializes in English and social studies.

Email Copy

10 Projects Completed

Tommy is an experienced email copy writer. He has written emails for client acquisition and client retention.

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