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Jocelyn has been writing since she was ten years old. It began with the typical school assignments, developed into a creative writing habit, and then progressed to the academic and business writing of graduate school and adulthood. She has written blogs, social media posts, articles, essays, educational content, short stories, novels, and more. Her strengths as a writer are her clear and empathetic style and her work ethic. As a teacher, she mastered clear instruction and the art of breaking down complex topics into digestible pieces. As a sales representative, she crafted an empathetic approach to persuasion, taking the clients' needs into account and offering them the best solution available. Now, as a writer, she seeks to use her clear and friendly style to craft effective copy to meet her client's needs and achieve their goals.
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Jocelyn's specialties include academic writing, creative writing, and blogging. As a graduate student, Jocelyn drafted complex essays that dug deep into the connection between psychology and literature. In creative writing, she uses that same fascination to create characters whose oddities are irresistible. For blogging, she strives to make connections with her readers through personable style and relatable content to make connections beyond the webpage.

For her next challenge, Jocelyn is looking to master copywriting techniques using ethical persuasion to guide readers to take the leap.


As a writer, Jocelyn is interested in challenging herself and experiencing new types of assignments. She is interested in copywriting, technical writing, blogs, social media, newsletters and more. In her personal time, Jocelyn still enjoys creative writing pursuits and is on track to publish her first novel in 2023.

Outside of writing, Jocelyn enjoys reading, hiking, and gaming. She typically reads fantasy, romantic comedy, and historical fiction. Her favorite kinds of hikes are waterfall hikes or hikes that lead to beautiful mountain vista views. For gaming, she prefers one-player RPG games where she can get lost in the world and story for a while.


Harding University

As a student at Harding University, Jocelyn completed the Honors requirements to graduate from the Honors College with Distinction and was also awarded Summa Cum Laude honors. She challenged herself to always seek the extra challenge and opportunity to further her learning and develop her skills. In addition to studying English, she completed Minor's requirements in both Spanish and Mass Communication. She took courses in journalism, marketing, many of which required projects in Adobe InDesign or Creative Suite.

Southern New Hampshire University

In her graduate program, Jocelyn studied language and communication. From the history of the development of the novel, to advanced grammar topics, to creative writing, she explored how people use words and stories. This helped her become a more effective writer, as well as helped her understand how 'story' is wired into the human brain and is a part of everything we do. With this understanding, Jocelyn creates compelling copy that satisfies the deep instinct within all people to listen to good stories.


15 Projects Completed

After teaching for 5 years, Jocelyn has a wealth of knowledge and experience in education. She taught Freshman Composition at the college level before moving to teach 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts. As a result of these experiences, she understands the challenges facing education and can draw upon her background knowledge when writing about current events and educational topics. She has also mastered the language expected of academia. As a teacher she drafted numerous examples, activities, discussion posts, essays and more to help her students succeed by consistently modeling good writing practices and processes.


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Jocelyn drafts compelling and humorous book reviews that highlight the best aspects of a novel. With a tone that is friendly and relatable, she communicates to the reader her impression of a book. Often she responds to the big picture questions that are prompted by the themes and events of a book or series. She also participates in 'Bookstagram,' creating photos and captions that engage viewers in the latest book trends.
Previously, she has also reviewed and written about concerts and community events.

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15 Projects Completed

Jocelyn has written numerous blog posts on different topics. From lifestyle, to personal development, to hobby blogs about writing or planning, Jocelyn enjoys connecting with her readers on things she is passionate about.

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Jocelyn created an author webpage designed to communicate the brand and identity of a writer on first glance. She wrote copy for the bio, blogs, landing page, and newsletter. Using Wordpress with additional plugins, she crafted an aesthetically pleasing site that works efficiently.

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