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Tatiana G earned her high school diploma at Downtown Magnets High School located in Los Angeles, California. While in attendance, she was a hardworking, determined student who enjoyed writing essays, challenging herself and succeeding. Tatiana aspired to pursue a career as a writer and entrepreneur once she graduated and that is what she did. One week after graduation, she began applying for jobs and started working soon after. During the span of her writing career, she has written over a thousand articles, blog posts and product descriptions for a large number of clients. She also blogs periodically to keep her skills sharp.

Over the span of her career Tatiana has developed the ability to write about practically any topic ranging from home improvement articles to those on SEO optimization, heath and fitness topics. Her works have informed, educated and entertained readers.

As her number of completed written works continues to grow, Tatiana has managed to start an online-based businesses of her own. She is currently a writer and business owner who still finds the time to support her all-important charities. As a writer, she wants to share information, teach others something new and provide engaging content to readers. In terms of Tatiana's work ethic, she lives by the philosophy of, "work hard, never quit and put your best face forward."


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Industry Projects

  • Kids/Family100+
  • Travel100+
  • Health100+
  • Tax20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Tatiana has written many articles focused on the topic of kids and family. Her expertise in this field in based upon the combination of her experience with children and her writing abilities. When it comes to kids and family based works, Tatiana believes that it is important to keep the article simple, informative and relatable.


Traveling has always been a passion of Tatiana's. She is very skilled when it comes to writing travel guides and blog posts about a specific domestic or foreign location. At the beginning of her career as writer, most of her writing assignments were travel based. She has written about a variety of locations including Spain, London, China and Bali.


Tatiana G has written a wide variety of health related articles based on numerous topics ranging from specific types of cancer to tips for improving your health. Health based articles are something that she truly enjoys writing about because it provides readers with very important information. Writing health related works is one of her writing strengths.


Over time, Tatiana has gained a lot of information concerning taxes and occasionally writes articles concerning various tax topics. She can write accurate and useful content concerning any tax topic with adequate research. Her expertise concerning tax related topics include deductions, how to file, tax tips and self employed taxes.

Product Projects

  • Article500+
  • Blog Post100+

Summary of Product Experience


Throughout the duration of her career, Tatiana has written numerous articles on a variety of topics. She has the skill of following instructions well, researches the topic thoroughly and delivers great work. She is completely comfortable with this type of work and does it on a regular basis. Writing articles for a wide client base is how Tatiana's writing career began.

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As a very hands on small business owner, Tatiana regularly posts on her blog for her online art shop. Posts include anything business related in addition to sharing background informtion on the art works for sale in her store.

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