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Monique has many professional experiences in writing, most of them entertainment-based. However, Monique has also taken many classes in communication and business and feels confident writing about those topics as well.


Monique's writing specialties are entertainment based articles and script coverage. She has lots of experience in summarizing, evaluating and editing content.


Monique's interests are heavily entertainment-based and include film, television, books, and celebrity news. Monique is also interested in fashion and beauty.


Pace University

Monique is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Screen Studies. Some notable classes she has taken include Critical Writing, Contemporary Business Practice, Art of Film, and Arts and Entertainment Management.


20 Projects Completed

Monique has lots of experience in entertainment-based writing. A bulk of Monique's professional experience comes from working in entertainment. She has written about influential filmmakers and films, and musicians and has evaluated many scripts for content and errors, and has lots of writing regarding a variety of different entertainment topics.


10 Projects Completed

Monique has also taken many classes regarding women. Monique is aware that there are many different types of women with many different interests and issues they face. Monique has done a variety of writing about many different women-related topics that range from more casual to serious research essays.


5 Projects Completed

Monique has much experience not only writing scripts but summarizing and evaluating them as well. The majority of Monique's professional experience comes from working with scripts of all kinds from plays to television pilots.


3 Projects Completed

Monique has written articles primarily on entertainment/music topics. These articles include thorough research and analysis on the topics presented.

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