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Rebecca has been a freelance writer since she graduated college but only recently made it her full-time job. Even when she wrote and promoted her parenting book, she continued to work as a high school English and journalism teacher. When she left education after 24 years, she started a new chapter, one in which she would write about everything under the sun, but focus on her passions, especially travel, food & wine, wellness, and family/parenting.
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Rebecca is always looking for the story, and the people she has met along the way and the places she has traveled on her journey have inspired her and, hopefully, her readers. Since the publication of her book, her niche became parenting, family dynamics, and advice columns. Her passions lean toward travel, cooking and eating, and lifestyle (fitness and health, well-being, self-care), and writing about those passions is, well, her new passion!


Rebecca is a freelance writer covering all topics, with a focus on travel, food & beverage, wellness, parenting and lifestyle. Her work has been featured in Travel & Leisure, Atlas Obscura, Fodor's, Better Homes & Garden, Huffington Post, Good Grit, Circle Around, and multiple local Houston publications, including Eater Houston and the Houston Chronicle. To date, she has never taken a trip that didn't result in coverage - usually with multiple outlets. She is active, enthusiastic, flexible, and willing to try anything, especially when she thinks there's a story there.


Grove City College

Piedmont University


1,000 Projects Completed

Rebecca's content is informative, warm, empathetic, inclusive, and engaging. She is able to match a range of tones and is always conscious of the words that she chooses.

After more than a decade writing in the health/mental health field, her areas of expertise include mood disorders, anxiety, trauma & PTSD, OCD, substance use disorder & recovery, perinatal mental health, and burnout. She is trained in several treatment modalities including mindfulness, CBT, ACT, MI and psychodynamic psychotherapy.


350 Projects Completed

Rebecca is a qualified, professional writer with invaluable experience in Web Content Writing, Blog Writing, SEO and Article Writing. She is also a professional Blog Writer with a unique flare for writing in different styles, tones and voices.

She is passionate about writing and producing creative and engaging copy material for publishing, media, and advertising industries.

Specialist Subject Areas:

Health & Fitness
Natural Bodybuilding
Exercise plans & food plans
Website copy


200 Projects Completed

Rebecca helps food businesses use data to become more strategic, efficient, and profitable.

For the past decade, she has been combining her data analysis skills and passion for sustainable food to help small, mission-driven organizations increase operational efficiency, grow profitability, improve the quality of their product, and expand their impact in the community.

Her skills include:
- Business Strategy (Market Research, Business Planning, Sourcing & Procurement)
- Business Analysis (Custom Dashboards, Cost & Sales Analysis, Financial Forecasting)
- Menu Strategy (Menu Engineering, Recipe Development, Food Costing, Pricing Strategy)
- Operational Systems Development (Inventory Management, Supply Chain Forecasting, Prep Production)

Organizations she works with include:
- Restaurants
- Food Trucks
- Bakeries
- Markets
- Caterers
- Small Farms
- CPG Brands


3 Projects Completed

Cyber security expert with certifications to back up her skills. She can write on any topic regarding cyber security and cyber exploits. Thanks to her educational background, she guarantees that you will get a technical piece that can still be understood by less-technical readers.


2 Projects Completed

She is well versed in anything related to technology. From emerging technology to legacy systems, she can deliver articles on almost every topic in this niche.

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500 Projects Completed

Rebecca specializes in writing high-impact content that will not just connect you better with your target audience but will also land your website on Page 1 (where you must be).

The key is to make your content appealing, compelling, and ranking.

Do you consider your web page content reflective of your business’ unique identity and image? Are your product descriptions accurate and capable of turning casual browsers to paying customers? Do you have persuasive title tags and meta descriptions in the right length?

Connect with her if you need content that will not simply generate leads but will also build trust so that your business’ online presence will stand better as a worthy contender in its market.

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