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Danielle is a copywriter that helps brands and businesses tell their stories. She writes profiles, blog posts, web copy and feature articles. Teaching all kinds of writing (essays, informative, persuasive, instructional, creative) to young people for 20 years has given her excellent skills as a content writer, proofreader, editor and advisor.

Danielle traded a classroom for the ends of the earth when she decided to resign from her teaching job in 2017 and pursue freelance travel writing.
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Danielle is a copywriter and has worked with numerous brands and small organisations to write stories, websites, grants and business documents.

Danielle teaches literature, literacy and cooking to secondary school students. She has an Arts degree in Literature, Anthropology and Philosophy, a Diploma in Education and a post graduate certificate in Children's Literature.


Danielle spent many years teaching English and Literature, and working with some of society's most underprivileged and disadvantaged students. She has transitioned to a new career in freelance writing.

A passionate home cook with a penchant for fine dining and five-star hotels, Danielle has made a whole new career out of eating, living and escaping.


La Trobe University

La Trobe University


1,000 Projects Completed

Looking for help with travel and tourism content? Danielle is an experienced writer and editor who has what it takes to bring life to your content – creativity, curiosity, a love for language, and tons of personal experience as a traveler. Count on her for engaging, informative blog articles, news pieces, travel guides, web copy, newsletter copy, SEO content, social media, press releases, and more.

Aside from writing and editing, travel is her biggest passion.

Topics she has covered include:

• Luxury accommodations
• Budget hotels
• Arts and culture events
• Travel tips
• Travel-related news
• Activities and things to do
• Food
• Travel niches like LGBT travel, beach vacations, and vegan destinations


500 Projects Completed

If you are looking for the highest quality Launchpad, IDO, STO, IEO or DeFi whitepaper or blockchain writer, you have come to the right place. Danielle has guest lectured at the University of Melbourne and has contributed to academic research on the topic of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Below are her most requested technical writing and design services:

- ICO / STO Whitepaper and Litepaper Writing
- Expert writing in DeFi (swaps, liquidity pools, lending and borrowing, governance tokens)
- Blog, article, newsletter and website content writing
- Blockchain and Technical Diagrams
- Whitepaper Analysis
- Investor Presentations
- Research Reports
- Blockchain Product Development Write-ups
- Patent Briefs


500 Projects Completed

Whether your project will be read to young audiences or by them, a ghostwriter who understands both children's literature and early literacy can help you exceed your goals. Danielle has experience writing English Language Arts curriculum which makes her an ideal choice for a wide range of children's writing projects. She can seamlessly integrate educational elements (such as grammatical concepts or historical information) into virtually any text. However, her experience is not limited to educational children's writing. She has completed many projects for children and the family across a spectrum of styles and purposes.

She also has a great deal of experience designing learning experiences for adults. This includes informational texts, worksheets and activities, lesson plans, training manuals, and more.

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3,000 Projects Completed

Danielle helps companies like yours boost their online presence and attract new clients through engaging and well-researched content.

She has a background in professional fundraising and over 8 years of experience in writing engaging and persuasive copy for the web.

What she can do for you:

- write original, well-researched blog posts or articles
- write compelling website copy that fits your brand and style
- re-write your existing content for use in a new format or a different audience
- proof-read and edit your existing content to make it more effective
- integrate SEO keywords into copy in a way that sounds natural
- help you market your services or product through powerful calls to action

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