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Gladdys V is a freelance writer who specializes in writing on technology, information security, transportation and elderly healthcare issues. Since starting her freelance writing career in earnest about two years ago, she has written over 1,300 articles on these topics for various clients. She is an expert at explaining complex technology topics in language that can be easily understood by a layperson. As a professional writer, she takes pride in her ability to stay on top of the latest technology trends and in consistently meeting even the most challenging deadlines. Gladdys has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.


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Experience blogging on technology and IT-related topics.

Industry Projects

  • Auto100+
  • Health100+
  • Insurance100+
  • High Tech50+
  • Technology50+
  • Legal50+
  • Finance50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Gladdys V has written over 200 profiles of companies in the automobile transportation and moving industries. In addition, she written over 50 articles on international shipping, storage and freight forwarding processes and on how to export and import cars from around the world.


The author specializes in writing on elderly healthcare issues. She has written dozens of articles discussing the symptoms and causes of various senior diseases and the options available to treat them.


As a freelance writer for the past several years, Gladdys has written dozens of articles on insurance related topics. Some of the topics covered by her include life insurance, commercial insurance, home and landlord insurance, small business insurance and health insurance. In addition, Gladdys has also written several articles on specialty insurance policies including coverage for motorbikes, boats and recreation vehicles.

High Tech

The author has written numerous FAQs and how-to articles on home automation, smart homes, green technologies and home security.


The author has written dozens of articles on cloud infrastructure, content management and storage technologies. She considers herself an expert in translating complex technology issues into language that can be easily understood by business professionals and non-technical people.


Gladdys has written numerous articles on employment law, labor law and personal injury law for various legal clients. Her work has included articles analyzing the legal impact for employers of laws such as the Affordable Care Act, Workers' Compensation Act and federal wage and labor laws. Gladdys has also written several articles examining the legal and other issues that need to be considered when making personal injury claims.


Gladdys has written on a wide range of financial topics including personal finance, money management, banks and credit unions. Her coverage includes several articles on personal credit management, bad credit repair, payday loans and bad credit loans.

Product Projects

  • Article500+
  • Blog Post100+

Summary of Product Experience


The author has written over 950 articles on a wide range of topics including the technology industry, healthcare, senior well being, home security and the transportation sector.

Blog Post

Experience blogging on technology and IT-related topics.

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