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Daniella unlocks the key elements of your story and weaves them into a compelling, benefits-driven arc that speaks to your customer and fits every format from digital to print. She brings more than 15 years of strategic marketing expertise and copywriting experience to your business challenge, and she's adept at getting to the very heart of why what YOU offer is distinct.


Daniella is an experienced Website Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the motion pictures and film industry. She is a strong media and communication professional skilled in Production Management, Camera, Film, Commercials, and Film Production. She is also a general writer whose specific services include:

Brand Stories & Messaging
Content Strategy
Copywriting & Editing
Idea Incubation


Daniella is a wife, boy mama and Los Angeles native, transplanted to the mountains of Northern Arizona. She co-founded Flagstaff Mom Collective. A former Hollywood Assistant, she traded rolling calls and fetching latte's for rolling strollers and fetching sippy-cups. She loves Jesus, her morning coffee (still warm!) and a luxurious solo trip to Target.


Chapman University


500 Projects Completed

Daniella has over half a decade of experience working with some of the biggest brands in travel, in-flight magazines, and small businesses, she can help you with a wide range of writing tasks. With a degree in Television and Broadcast Journalism, diplomas in travel writing, content creation, and copywriting, she understands the importance of accurate and enticing copy delivered on time.

If you're in need of some creative content for your website, blog posts to drive up visits to your page, copy for a travel brochure, tourism campaign, or your new website, she provides a broad range of writing services across multiple platforms.


300 Projects Completed

Daniella is a relationship & dating expert, Youtube content creator, articles and magazine feature writer and more.

She is a Relationship and Dating Expert
• 1-2-1 and group coaching for men or women
• Online dating profile ghostwriter
• A podcast guest discussing dating and relationship questions
• Blogging and Freelance writer as a relationship and dating coach
• Online dating marketing industry consultant and writer
• Online dating profile creator
• Dating Advice Scripts for TikTok Videos, Youtube, Instagram Reels

She is flexible with respect to working hours. She is known for delivering work before the actual deadline and has great attention to detail.


100 Projects Completed

With over a decade of experience, Daniella has written or ghostwritten about creativity, productivity, people, education and teaching, marketing, video games, music, and guitar playing, and she's confident she can write about almost anything with the right amount of research. She has also written and ghostwritten short stories and screenplays.

Her work has appeared on Medium, The Write Practice, The Writing Cooperative, Lifehack.org, and the Unsplash Book.


100 Projects Completed

Daniella translates tech-speak into plain English, driving traffic to her clients’ websites and converting leads into customers.
Daniella's great at translating technical ideas and jargon into readable content. She takes initiative to research topics thoroughly and offers creative ideas, and always delivers everything before the deadline.

One of the key advantages that she brings to the table is experience across the tech industry. She understands the big picture, enabling her to draw insights about the interplay between technologies such as AI, cloud computing, IoT, AR, and more. That’s one reason she specializes in long-form, SEO-rich content like blog posts, white papers, and ebooks.


50 Projects Completed

Daniella is a food & wine writer with experience in content writing and SEO strategy. She specializes in hotel and restaurant/bar design, as well as wine and cocktails.

If you have a food and travel blog, or a hospitality publication that needs blog content, she can help.


50 Projects Completed

Danielle delivers grant writing expertise to support your nonprofit organization's programs, professionals, and communities. She has raised more than $5 million for: arts, criminal (in)justice reform, culture, economic development, education, environmental/wildlife conservation, health, humanities, LGBTQ+/SGL, racial justice, religion, social justice, special needs, STEM, Veterans, women, and youth, as well as annual campaigns, COVID-19 CARES/American Rescue Act funding, and general support. She has experience identifying, cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding local, national, and international funders, including individual donors, foundations, corporations, and government.

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