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Marie regularly produces engaging web content and informative SEO clients for small and large enterprises worldwide. She utilizes her knowledge of the online landscape to create effective content marketing campaigns for her clients. She writes shareable copy with a clear call to action that does not sound salesy or pushy. Her content always reflects the company voice and mission while adhering to the selected style guide. Through the production of optimized webpages and articles, she helps business owners speak directly to their target audience and convert site visits into sales.


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Marie A's Science Industry Experience

300 Projects Completed

Marie extensively studied anthropology and philosophy while completing coursework at WSU. She can quickly create research papers that explore other cultures and beliefs previously unknown to her. She loves to study and understand other cultures and beliefs in her spare time.

Industry Projects

  • Auto1,000+
  • Health500+
  • Pets500+
  • Real Estate100+
  • Construction100+
  • Science100+
  • Gaming100+
  • Entertainment100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Marie loves to work on and read about automobiles of all kinds. She easily explains how each component on a vehicle works. Marie enjoys writing about automotive theory and mechanics. She expertly details how to perform automotive tasks so that readers can better understand work orders issued by professional technicians or complete the repairs on their own.


Marie has extensive experience in creating original content for the healthcare industry. She produces well-researched, yet easy to understand, articles covering medical conditions, diagnostic procedures and treatments. She regularly produces targeted content for specialty physicians, including, but not limited to, orthopedists, obstetricians, cardiologists, neurologists and otologists. Her work always reflects the practitioners’ skills and expertise in their chosen specialization.


Marie proficiently writes about raising, breeding and training dogs using decades of personal experience. She frequently researches new techniques and training methods to stay up to date on the latest changes. She uses the techniques to teach her border collie standard obedience tasks and specialty tricks. She has experience raising cats from kittens to their senior years. She understands normal cat and dog behavior and practices redirection to end behavioral problems. She also has years of experience writing informative articles about birds, reptiles, amphibians, rodents, fish and exotic pets. She regularly produces articles about medical conditions, diagnostic tests and treatments for all types of pets. Marie loves to share all of her knowledge and expertise through well-researched articles to help people navigate tough tasks related to pet care and training.

Real Estate

Marie routinely composes high quality real estate content for agents, brokers and property managers. The webpage copy and articles she produces provides important industry specific information to new clients and current customers. Her articles help real estate professionals successfully expand their business by retaining current customers and attracting new clients.


Marie produces high quality articles for clients in the construction industry. She uses her real world knowledge and research skills to write detailed technical pieces about construction materials, tools and techniques. She regularly writes for clients who specialize in new construction, masonry, roofing, plumbing, flooring, framing, painting, paving, landscaping and deck building.


Marie extensively studied anthropology and philosophy while completing coursework at WSU. She can quickly create research papers that explore other cultures and beliefs previously unknown to her. She loves to study and understand other cultures and beliefs in her spare time.


Video games create joy, facilitate learning and bring new worlds to life. Marie regularly plays video games of all genres with friends, family and strangers alike. She has a large knowledge base about video games that were created from the seventies until now. She recently wrote a well received research paper about using gaming in the classroom and beyond.


Marie A focused on film, television and pop culture while completing her elective courses in college. Since then, she has written many entertainment articles for popular websites and blogs.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Article1,000+
  • Web Page1,000+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Marie consistently creates engaging blog posts designed to encourage sharing across social media platforms. She swiftly and thoroughly creates the topics, performs the research, writes the posts and proofreads before submitting. Her blog posts always provide interesting, relevant information that helps attract new clients and retain past customers. She uses a conversational tone to promote engagement with the material without skimping on facts and figures.


Marie can complete an article on any topic with a little bit of research. She regularly writes concise articles that meet her clients' keyword requirements and word count. She always works required keywords into the article naturally. She uses her large vocabulary to incorporate difficult keywords that return a lot of hits. Articles written by Marie are guaranteed to be unique and well planned.

Web Page

Marie creates high quality webpages designed to improve search rankings, attract visitors, and advertise products and services. Her content helps inform site visitors about the services and products offered by the company in question. She regularly produces webpages for organizations in nearly every industry, including the medical, dental, pet care, construction and automotive industries.

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