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An independent contractor with decades of experience, Selby works in both fiction (mystery, early chapter books/YA, short stories, and themed writing) and non-fiction (self-help, memoir/biography, how-to, PR for finance, and white papers for political use).

They review grade AP Lit and English essay papers, providing important feedback to students and teachers, and also proofread and review online graduate school course content.

Most recently Selby has completed two non-fiction pieces for The Urban Writers.

A published author, Selby's work has appeared in Cricket Magazine, American Riding Instructor magazine, and online.


Selby works as a ghostwriter, proofreader, line editor, and writing coach. Their favorite non-fiction areas include self-help, how-to, memoir, and niche writing, such as equestrian sports or hobby farming.
In fiction, Selby publishes works for children and mid-grade readers, and enjoys working on mystery, women's lit, fables, and stories in and around nature and fantasy.


When recently asked about favorite authors, Selby replied A.A. Milne, E. B. White, and Norton Juster, with some Dreyer's English thrown in for fun. And absolutely Neil Gaiman. And Douglas Adams.

"Their writing is light, fun, interesting, tells a cracking good story, and while riveting, does not create darkness through too much suspense. The characters are worth investing time in."

Topical books based on actual events from other cultures are a fascinating source of inspiration to Selby, as are any fables from Anansi to Norse Gods to Indigenous people's stories.

A ridiculous passion for working on old houses, a love of creating whimsical watercolor art, and a very sane addiction to her horses and riding round out this author's time.


1,000 Projects Completed

As a life-long equestrian coach, trainer, instructor and facility manager, Selby has taught clinics, given lectures/demonstrations on many related topics, and continues to ride, train, and teach.
She has published articles in Riding Instructor (the magazine of the American Ridings Instructors Association) and online.
Running her own 82-acre facility has given her expertise in farm/barn management, small business, and BMP's for agriculture.


100 Projects Completed

An avid fox hunter and huntsman in the US, Selby spends a great deal of time outdoors, and has knowledge of wildlife habits, habitats, and concerns.
She has maintained forestland and forage land.
All of this contributes to her writing on and about outdoor sports.


10 Projects Completed

Selby has worked as a tutor, grader, and reviewer for writers of all ages and abilities.
Her feedback is positive and growth-focused, and suggestions are geared toward making topics clear and easy to understand, yet detailed and informative.


5 Projects Completed

Selby has been a line editor and proofreader for medical and technical journals, graduate-level online content, and memoir/non-fiction manuscripts.
She has helped develop and edited articles and papers for business and financial concerns, and has experience working with publishers to ensure content is "print-ready."


25 Projects Completed

Bios, case studies, emails, blog posts, white papers, press releases, and product descriptions have all come across Selby's desk.
Short pieces needed quickly are done to spec and praised.

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