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Jennifer delights clients with premium service, attention to detail, and clear communication. She is hyper-responsive, available M-F during normal business hours, and offers high-quality presentations, business plans, case studies, and more with rapid turnarounds.

While Jennifer has been freelancing for 20 years, she is also a professor and teaches business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and strategy. Jennifer received her BA from the University of Virginia in Art History and her MBA from Yale's School of Management where she concentrated her studies in finance and competitive strategies.

Jennifer excels at helping clients weave their authentic and compelling brand stories within a business context so as to grow stakeholder engagement and loyalty. She enjoys tackling complicated ideas and distilling them into irresistible stories that pull business audiences into lasting relationships. If you are trying to grow your business, she's here to help!
Case Studies


Jennifer specializes in all types of business writing including presentations, business plans, case studies, and more. She delights clients with premium service, attention to detail, and clear communication. She is hyper-responsive, available M-F during normal business hours, with rapid turnarounds.


Visualizing a Better World With Breakthrough Business Strategies

Jennifer gravitates toward bold endeavors: start-ups, new technologies, and turn-around business scenarios. She loves surrounding herself with people who are full of passion, dedicated to smart work, and who are dead-set to change the world for the better.

Before she even rolled up my college diploma, Jennifer leaped into a role helping to launch a new museum in a foreign country. She never lost the taste for adventure and her unconventional career path shows it.

Jennifer is happiest taking innovative ideas and making them into something viable. A workhorse by nature, she wants to make a solid contribution by solving problems. Her work involves asking "what if" and then outlining the steps to get there.

When Jennifer is not working, she loves a good laugh, traveling, trying new things, building things, and taking things apart.

Jennifer always enjoys a "sink-your-teeth-into-it" discussion about:
-- Angel investing
-- New products, technologies, and businesses
-- Challenging business hurdles
-- Socially-responsible business models
-- Consumer behavior


Yale School of Management

Jennifer's focus in her MBA program was on finance and competitive strategy. She excelled in case writing, critical data analysis, and organizational design.


100 Projects Completed

Over her 20-year career, Jennifer has written hundreds of business documents.

Jennifer works best when she is tackling complex ideas and isolating them into their most clear and compelling story.

Let Jennifer help you distill your business concepts into written words that lead to action, engagement, and growth.


100 Projects Completed

Throughout Jennifer's 20-year career, presentations have been the most fun and strongest skill in her writing toolkit. Jennifer understands how to distill complex ideas into clear and engaging presentations that captivate audiences and drive action.

Let Jennifer help you craft your message into action.

Case Studies

20 Projects Completed

A proven marketing and sales professional, Jennifer helps her clients craft engaging case studies, white papers, testimonials, and other demonstrations of success to attract the best prospects. Through beautiful, evidence-based writing, Jennifer's marketing and sales collateral, case studies, and research studies offer your prospects the strongest evidence of the strengths of your value proposition.

Let Jennifer help you showcase your business' best practices with powerful evidence from your best clients.

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