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James has been writing online for 22+ years for blogs and websites. For several years James helped write an activist newsletter with 20,000+ subscribers. He also published a book.

James is currently writing 4 newsletters: Daily Bible Chapter where he reads the book through fresh eyes, the spirituality-centered Daily Miracles, the sports-centered MVP Chase, and the more general JL Cells.


James has a Master's Degree in Political Science and analyzes news events in a broad context and from a unique perspective. James also enjoys research and uncovering facts and trends.


James enjoys and writes about sports and spirituality. James loves documentaries, old movies, the paranormal, and philosophy. He is interested in virtually anything that has interesting tidbits or little-known facts.


Loyola University Chicago

Concentration in Political Theory with classes in research, statistics, international relations, and American institutions.


1,000 Projects Completed

From 2006 to 2015, James worked for a non-partisan organization designed to inspire the people to contact Congress about the pressing issues of the day. James researched issues to provide factual evidence for arguments. James also wrote campaign pages, prepared newsletters for distribution to 20,000+ email subscribers, proofread the work of colleagues, wrote blog posts, and engaged in social media outreach.


1,500 Projects Completed

James regularly wrote for many years at Partial Observer.com and the blogspot Independent Country providing mostly political commentary. James has been writing on Medium since 2018 for Substack newsletters since 2021.

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