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SEO, compelling web content, research, data analysis, and marketing are just a few of the skills Matt mastered as an award-winning journalist in a 20+ year career.

Matt loves writing about travel, sports, and history. He also excels at B2B, B2C, SaaS, and technical writing.

Matt's accomplishments include more than a dozen national and regional awards based on his writing, content creation, content management, and eye for visual storytelling. He's won Emmy, Edward R. Murrow, and Walter Cronkite Awards. A few of the categories he's most proud of are journalistic enterprise, political journalism, investigative journalism, and community service.

As a content manager/consultant, Matt increased ratings and page views at four stations across the country. He's very data-driven with a love for SEO.
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After spending more than two decades as a writer, Matt is extremely comfortable with any topic and style. His specialties include journalism, press releases, blog writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, grant writing and letter writer.

As a journalist, Matt found a passion for research/data-driven writing on topics such as health, medicine, business, politics and government.


Matt's biggest interests are travel, history and sports. He enjoys combining all three while on vacation.

One of his most fulfilling trips was his first to London. History lessons from school came to life visiting The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. He also went to his first English Premier League match bringing his love of soccer back to life.

He also got to visit historic Wembley Stadium to watch his beloved NY Jets get a rare win!


Syracuse University

Matt studied and graduated from the Newhouse School of Syracuse University. He earned a Bachelor of Science from the communications school with a specialty in Broadcast Journalism. He minored in history.


500 Projects Completed

Matt's entire career is based upon multimedia expertise. He's worked in television, radio and multiple digital platforms.

Matt joked he should click every industry in the drop-down menu on the list. As a news producer he needed to know information on every possible topic.

When new topics appeared, Matt would do the research needed and quickly become an expert on whatever new information or technology presented itself.


100 Projects Completed

Matt has published work across multiple digital platforms and outlets.

He was an early adapter to publishing on digital platforms dating back to the 1990's.

Matt confessed his knowledge of publishing is limited to the digital world. He has never published a book or magazine and hasn't been part of the process either.


20 Projects Completed

Matt is an avid sports fan and originally became a journalist to cover sports. Early in his career, Matt decided to focus on news for career security.

At a new stage in his career, Matt is eager to cover and write about sports again. He considers himself an expert on hockey and football. He played basketball and soccer throughout his school years.


10 Projects Completed

Matt loves to travel in luxury and help others do the same. He enjoys finding deals on flights and hotels and sharing that information with other people.

He also created an extensive credit card portfolio which helps him book at least roundtrip international business class flights each year. He'll also spend his vacation staying in hotels such as The St. Regis, Ritz Carlton, Park Hyatt and occasionally a Waldorf Astoria for free.


500 Projects Completed

Matt's specialty is video scripts. As a news producer, he was responsible for writing dozens of scripts a day and ensuring the video matched the copy.

Matt values scripts being punchy and concise. He also understands how words and video need to compliment each other.

Matt also knows the value of scripts being conversational and easy for anyone to read.


101 Projects Completed

Matt, once again, connects his experience as a journalist to articles he's written.

As both a producer and manager Matt was responsible for writing and approving articles every day. After writing articles for more than two decades, Matt can deliver high-volume and high-quality articles on a daily basis.

Press Release

25 Projects Completed

Matt has easily read thousands of press releases throughout his career in news. He's also written a few dozen of them.

Because of his experience in news, Matt knows exactly what needs to be in a release and, just as importantly, what should not be in a release. He understands what is going to get the media to cover an event or topic because he spent 20+ years deciding which releases are important.

Blog Post

9 Projects Completed

Matt is in the beginning phases of creating his own blog but has written updates for blogs for more than a decade.

He values the interaction with readers that blogs can provide. Matt knows the best blog posts are no longer just the written word, they need to include video, picture, graphics and sound.

Mobile Content

5 Projects Completed

Matt's motto is, "We get everything on our phone." Since the phone became a primary source of information, Matt has added the importance of mobile content into his repertoire.

He has helped modify websites to shorten mobile load times and make the content more visually appealing.

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