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Sarah has experience with writing, articles, web content, blog posts, ghostwriting, copywriting, and white papers.
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Sarah specializes in writing blog posts, web content, and web articles.


Sarah has interests in reading, writing web content, exercise, pets, and gardening. Although she loves to learn new things and increase her repertoire.


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When writing business material, Sarah found that it won't flow well or make sense if you don't have a proper outline for your writing project. Omissions or an incorrect focus will make your business writing less clear. Sarah found she needed to include enough words to make her meaning clear to others when using different writing styles.


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Sarah enjoyed medical writing as it involves writing scientific documents of different types, including regulatory and research-related papers, disease or drug-related educational, promotional literature, and publication articles. Sarah enjoyed the challenge and learning new things and found medical writing jobs one of her favorite areas to write about and work on.

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4 Projects Completed

Sarah was in her element, writing these articles. She loves the entire process, including researching for information, writing a draft, editing, and putting it all together, along with the images that bring the final piece of writing to life. Any blog or article writing project is a challenge Sarah enjoys.

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