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Rebecca has been writing for over twenty years. She started out as a fiction writer; currently, she has over 25 titles available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other outlets. In addition, she has always been tasked with writing employee newsletters, policies, procedures, job descriptions, and training resources for any position that she has held outside of freelancing.

She is currently the owner of an independent publishing company. In this role, she reviews and selects manuscripts for publishing, completes all setup and formatting including cover design for each title.

In her freelancing positions, she writes social media posts, blog posts, web content and other articles for various companies.
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Rebecca specializes in writing fiction and non-fiction books. She also is a certified Social Media Pro and writes all marketing copy and content for her independent publishing company. She also freelances for several marketing companies and provides content writing, business writing including job descriptions, policies, procedures, etc.

She is especially well-versed in employee communications including training materials for presentations. Having worked in the non-profit sector for many years, she understands the tone needed for web content and copy for specialized industries such as substance abuse treatment, homelessness prevention, and disaster recovery.


Rebecca enjoys traveling, speaking with people all over the country, mentoring individuals who have been through trauma, helping authors tell their stories, and helping people to heal. She is focused on providing empowering materials for people who have suffered through poverty, addiction, illness, and other trauma.

In addition, she loves dogs, cats, bunnies, and other pets. She enjoys spending time with family, watching movies and anime, and trying new foods and experiencing cultures different from her own.


135 Projects Completed

Rebecca has published more than 130 books for herself and for her contracted authors. She completes the publishing process from start to finish, including cover design. She has been publishing since 2013 and expects to continue indefinitely.

Prior to starting her own publishing company, Rebecca had already published seven books with an independent publisher. She re-released her books upon having rights returned to her as her publisher decided to close.

As part of the publishing process, Rebecca also offers author coaching services to authors and can help design author platforms to assist with marketing published works.

Human Resources

50 Projects Completed

Rebecca has over 10 years of HR experience including recruiting, hiring, performance management, staff development, and policy writing. She has designed compensation systems for non-profits and even managed policy & procedure reviews to allow for writing new or updating existing documents.

She was previously certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and only allowed the certification to lapse due to stepping away from formal HR work for a short period of time. She is well-versed in researching and writing job descriptions, employee communications, and all other tasks related to HR.

Non Profit

50 Projects Completed

Over the last thirty years, Rebecca has worked the majority of her assignments for non-profit organizations. She has spent a total of fifteen years working full-time in non-profits and has also served on the boards of two non-profit organizations. She is well-versed in grant writing, preparation for audits, regulatory reviews, etc.

Rebecca has served in the areas of client management, intake, medical records, HR administration, staff training, and more. She has worked for organizations serving many populations including homeless, substance abuse and recovery, and health insurance providers.

Blog Post

68 Projects Completed

Rebecca has written over 100 blog posts for her own blog as well as for clients. She has three different blogs which cover a variety of topics. Her client blog posts have been in the areas of camping equipment, travel, food, books, real estate, home remodeling, and more.

She is able to take a topic suggestion and create a coherent and engaging post for almost any type of blog.

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