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Diane C
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Diane C., an award-winning writer and editor, has developed content about branding, marketing, blog posts, and landing pages for American and Canadian Developers. She also handled social media for a Canadian mental health therapist. Diane's skills include ad campaigns for a leading Canadian lingerie manufacturer for two years.
PR release and landing pages for a leading medical software service, a Canadian Travel video, business PR, a landmark infertility case that generated two years of solid media coverage around the globe. This coverage generated calls and meetings with Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer.

She writes white papers on retail trends, Dev Opsr, social media/SEO, Diane also creates editorials, adverts, article marketing along with product descriptions; diverse ad copy, sales promotion, market research, e-books and hard cover books. Diane has designed many business sites. She has 44 endorsements on Writer Access.

Diane has written thousands of content orders about cloud computing, IT, Big Data, data breach, iBeacons, software, drones, International Research Technology, bullying, legal cases, 33 detailed posts for the same client covering, flood, auto & homeowners insurance, fashion/beauty, sexuality, health/wellness, nutrition for ages 20 to 75, N.Y. real estate trends, oral cancer, TMJ medical conditions, CPK Children's Vitamins for children, plus dental treatments and dentistry for young children including Invisalign retainers, and non-traditional for gum disease. real estate, and military deployment. Partial client list: Samsung, Silverline Technologies, De Beers Diamonds), Barbados Board of Tourism, Revlon (two divisions), Glorie skin care, By way of background, I'm an award-winning Level 4+writer.

Among many other fashion categories, dir has produced content. full page color ads, PR, and sales catalogs for Roxanne bra sized bathing suits, Quantum Sportswear for men and women, among many others.

Diane's content engages readers and keeps them coming back for more. Her latest article on sexuality delivered over 58,000 hits in a short time period.
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Diane C. has written and edited long and short form articles, blog posts, white papers, PR releases, adverts, and product/service presentations. She has also covered the City Awards in NYC.

Diane's experience includes IT consulting, data breach, Cloud Computing, traditional and alternative medicine, mental health, Boomer health issues, fashion, beauty, footwear, web content, deployment, marketing, social media, video marketing, upscale educational toys, concrete consulting, retail environments, and book authors.

Diane's content has appeared in The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, W, Bullett Magazine, Nails Magazine, Detroit Free Press, Kansas City Star, The Daily News, NY Post, Playthings Magazine, Licensing International, USAtoday.com, World News, Robb Report, Forbes.com, and the Journal News, among others.

For four years, Diane served as Editor and Journalist for Westchester Women's News covering health, breast cancer recovery, fashion, beauty, and the Coty Awards. She worked with the publisher and sales force to monetize the articles.

She also had a monthly column in Licensing International.

Diane's ad copy has appeared in Forbes FYI, Robb Report, Dr. Dobbs Journal, Architectural Digest, TV Guide Award Issue, The New York Times Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Parents Magazine, Parenting, Landscape Design, 20/20 Magazine, Playthings, Toy and Hobby Magazine, The Licensing Book, and all inflight airline magazines.

Creston's script writing talents are also highly respected. Her most recent assignment was for a $20 million dollar fund raising script for a prominent private school in Ohio. Within two years, they raised $10 million during a recession. The additional money was raised during the following year..

In her role as executive producer and script writer, Creston joins the ranks of Meryl Streep, Al Roker, and Harry Belafonte by winning the gold "Classic Telly" Award. This very special one-time competition celebrates the Telly Awards' 25th Anniversary and honors the most outstanding work produced in the past 25 years. Winners were selected out of a field of 10,000, only 800 entries received the "Classic Telly" Award.

Many years earlier, Creston won the 23rd Telly Awards Silver Telly for the same Playmobil video. Once retail buyers viewed the video during market week, they all requested a copy for their retail stores.


Interests: Cloud Computing, AI, data breach, The Internet of Things, Big Data, business trends, medicine, alternative medicine, medical research, natural skin care, the environment, wildlife/animal rescue, responsible pet adoption, conservation, jazz, blues, ballet, fitness, and healths.


Pace University

Degree covers marketing, branding, consumer psychology, advertising, copywriting, market research, target markets b2b and b2c, demographic analysis, account analysis, along with print, TV, radio, outdoor, special events, and lifestyle marketing.


712 Projects Completed

Diane C's business experience includes a wide array of client campaigns from IT, corporate identity campaigns, concrete consulting, data breach, cyber security, health/wellness, content authoring, real estate, market research, luxury goods, radio shows, PBS TV show distribution deals, fashion, beauty, golf and tennis sportswear, swimwear, men's dress shoes, athletic shoes, motivational books, children's clothing, natural vitamins, toys, videos, and educational products.

The work covers online and campaigns, corporate identity brochures, catalogs, web copy, PR campaigns, white papers, article marketing, print campaigns, blog content, podcasting. TV commercial scripts/editing/production, along with a script for a $20 million dollar educational fund raising video.


225 Projects Completed

Diane C's fashion experience involves many elements of the industry with everything from scripts for fashion shows, fashion web content, e-commerce content, fashion articles, scripts and music content for fashion videos, wholesale catalog copy, photography, blog content, editorials for the Coty Awards, and graphics along with consumer and trade ad copy for ads and brochures.


224 Projects Completed

It was not long after the introduction of Cabbage Patch Kids that a license was sold to a leading pharmaceutical company for Cabbage Patch Kids Vitamins

In developing her press materials, Diane worked very closely with Dr. Lendon Smith, who was the spokesperson for the brand and Hoffman LaRoche, a supplier of ingredients.

Diane was hired to help with branding, content, press materials and social media for Late Night Health Radio. Diane's skill's in SEO and audience engagement have boosted the show's Facebook Likes from 32 to 1000 and counting.

A New York based organic foods manufacturer and distributor sought out Diane's services for branding, marketing, article content and public relations.

She has also authored content about natural tooth care, oral cancer, gingivitis and the way it can cause health problems.


175 Projects Completed

Diane C. was asked to become a Chapter Author for a new marketing book due to be released in 2013. She was also selected as a Chapter Author with a focus on how pets enrich family life for a popular parenting book.

Diane has written business proposals for various product/service categories including book authors, live coaches, beauty/fashion products, IT clients and Fortune 500 clients including Sony, Samsung, and the 2 billion dollar investment firm of Behrman Capital.

In all cases, Diane has also created marketing and branding campaigns for these same clients.


112 Projects Completed

Diane C. has an extensive background with products involving kids, parents, blended families and grand parents. She has conducted research on child behavior, focus group sessions, children and nutrition, deployment anxiety issues involving military families, senior citizen abuse by relatives and care takers, how to select a good toy, and the educational value of specific toys.

The research was used as web content, in online articles, print articles, brochures, toy train product packaging, puzzle packaging, in press releases. talk show TV scripts and radio interviews.


70 Projects Completed

In addition to working with technology clients, for many years Diane has always played a role in reporting technology advances and challenges. Her content on cloud computing, continues to appear in articles, blog posts, press releases, and most importantly in corporate identity brochures.

She attends and reports on major tech trade shows in NY. Diane has also scheduled and supervised photography, and handled creative design, paper selection, and graphic elements for all brochures.


68 Projects Completed

Diane's creative content includes one sheets, blog posts, Facebook posts, articles, press releases, advertisements, and packaging copy for a variety of beauty clients including major brands involving shaded products, skin treatments, nail conditioners, nail polish strips, fragrances, hair colouring, styling, shampoo, and hair treatment products. All of the lines were targeted toward women and teens.

Consumer Goods

50 Projects Completed

Branding, Advertising, and PR consumer/trade campaigns for print and web. Targets: men, women, parents, grandparents, and children.


36 Projects Completed

Diane brings unique talents in the area of medicine because she comes from a medical family. She also worked for her uncle in his medical practice, and gained a tremendous amount of medical knowledge as a result of his training.

Diane's articles include the use of music therapy within medicine, heart health for women, vitamins and children, holistic health alternatives, the importance of massage therapy, stretching, Alzheimer’s disease and nutrition, along with breast cancer recovery. .


35 Projects Completed

Diane C. wrote a variety of press releases for AccelTree's new JBuilder FULCRUM Bridge software that helps reduce manual coding, Content was also developed for web content, articles, a series of 4/C print ads, editorials and a white paper.

Diane negotiated a complimentary trade show booth space at New York's Javits Center along with the inclusion of all FULCRUM press materials in media press bags for a major industry trade show.


28 Projects Completed

Diane C;s diverse fitness background started when she created and marketed a women's fitness and weight loss program for a men's Y in Brooklyn, New York. Her ballet, jazz and fitness experience was a valuable asset to the program.

In addition to managing the program, she created a successful marketing and public relations campaign/

She has developed press materials and fitness content for Encore Living Radio, which was targeted toward Baby Boomers, and most recently for Late Night Health Radio. Diane also creates content for the show's Facebook page.

Late Night Health started with 32 Likes, and due to Diane's expertise, the show now has over 1000 Likes.


26 Projects Completed

Diane C's work involves online learning with recent online educational developments involving MIT and Harvard, among others. Due to the proprietary content contract now owned by the publishing platform, Diane is unable to share content samples.

Diane has also lectured about public relations, branding, and consumer psychology for over 18 years at the Eastern New Mexico University and Queens College in NY.


16 Projects Completed

Diane C. supports programs that help to protect the environment and decrease commercial and residential utility usage.

She spearheaded projects in her own immediate area and consulted with with elected officials to provide them with information they requested. This information has lowered utility costs and usage.

Press Release

3,010 Projects Completed

Diane is an award-winning public relations professional. Her work has appeared in every major national and regional newspaper including the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Detroit Free Press, USA Today, New York Times, Daily News, usatoday.com, World News, WWD. W., the Robb Report, and Good Housekeeping, among others.

Her content has also resulted in major media coverage on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX 5 NEWS, CNN, GMA, Regis, Conan O'Brian, and Court TV, among many others.


3,006 Projects Completed

Diane maintains that innovative advertising, be it online, print, radio, outdoor, or TV is critical to any marketing campaign. One things she does not support is what she terms "Me Too Advertising" even tf it's an easy approach. To be clear, if you see the same type of creative and the only thing that changes are the models and the logo somethings wrong because it's money wasted.

Facebook Post

2,006 Projects Completed

Diane C. serves as an admin for a number of Facebook pages including Late Nigh Health (see posts below). She built the Likes from 32 to over 1000 and counting.

Diane makes a point to welcome each and every guest by name. She sometimes does it in groups. The visitors love the recognition and personal attention...also known as engagement. She also makes a point of posting interesting content and It keeps them coming back for more.

Diane is informative, kind, caring, witty, playful and very well respected on Facebook. When she asks her followers to follow a page, they respond. When she posts something as simple as "Who ordered this miserable cold weather?" they start playing with her with 15 or 20 comments and suggestions.


1,297 Projects Completed

Diane's articles are very diverse, and frequently match her interests. Other articles focus on client issues such as data breach, cell phone safety, IT, parenting, corporate news, fashion, beauty, health, nutrition, environmental issues, along with marketing, public relations and website tips.

In the same manner that Diane will take excerpts from press releases and adapt them for use as blog posts, she also takes inspiration from press releases that can be turned into editorial articles.

Blog Post

906 Projects Completed

Diane has been blogging for many years. One of her blogs covers The Latest in Marketing, Retail, Business, Social Networking, Beauty, IT, Television, and so much more. The blog has a very active international and domestic following.

Diane's second blog covers radio, marketing, web and video tips, health, nutrition and wellness information.


200 Projects Completed

Diane C created a presentation proposal for the creation of a unique parenting e-commerce website for a new children's brand The site will also appeal to friends and relatives, or anyone interested in high quality toys, CDs, music, videos, books, one off solid wood puzzles featuring photography of rescued farm and domestic animals.


116 Projects Completed

Diane enjoys working in video and film...everything from the concept and storyboards to long hours with final edits and sweetening touches. She has created a wide range of creative and cost-effective film and video solutions from television commercials, corporate identity videos to
sales promotion, web, and fashion campaigns.

She is also known to have the eyes and ears of a hawk. Most humans have a lower acuity for color differences than for luminance...not so with Diane. She sees things with the naked eye with a hearing capability to match.


102 Projects Completed

Based upon Diane's experience, she recommends corporate identity brochures, educational brochures, product based brochures and sales brochures for one reason...effective ones work.

As in the case of the content listed below, Diane was recommended after the client had attempted to work with three other creative sources. For whatever reason, the other sources didn't understand the objective and couldn't deliver.

Not the case with Diane. When the client eventually sold the company, he called Diane to thank her once again and to tell her the brochure played an important role in the sale. It was his first and only brochure after 14 years in business.

Web Page

90 Projects Completed

Diane C. takes the same approach to designing and creating concepts for web pages as she does for print and TV...unique, different, affordable and engaging.

One of her favorite pieces of advice is that websites are always a work in progress. Many clients don't want to hear that...they just want the site to be created and finished.

Diane always advises clients that a website should Pbe a reflection of a company's corporate identity campaign and not some element "up there" with no connection.

Twitter Post

21 Projects Completed

Diane still finds it a little amusing that not all that long ago, she had zero interest in Twitter. In fact, when a client said, "Please tell me you don't do Twitter." Her response was "Absolutely not." ... with a straight face no less.

Never say never. Now Diane not only uses Twitter for herself, she manages accounts for clients and a professional organization where she sits on the board.

Many clients don't understand how to use Twitter or how to connect their professional company or product Facebook page with their Twitter account. That's where Diane comes in.

White Paper

10 Projects Completed

The below-listed white paper was researched and written by Diane for a client who had a very personal interest in educating people about Syndrome X. The client's interest was due to his father's problems with the disease.

The paper was also used as content on a web site, and it provided Diane with a tool to book the client on a TV talk show..

Diane has also written other white papers including technical ones for software products.


3 Projects Completed

Diane is a chapter author for a 2013 marketing book The topic she has included centers on the role of public relations within the marketing mix along with the very latest strategies in maximizing exposure and ROI.

She is also a chapter author for a parenting book. The chapter topic is the importance of family pets, and how children and parents can learn from pets.

Diane is also in the process of writing a business book on branding that is slated for a 2013 release.

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