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Since 2008 Scott has been providing inspirational, intriguing, and often hysterical words.

Over the years, he has honed in on that experience able to draw out the right information for the reader, while keeping things light, fun, and witty (when called for).

But sometimes things get serious. And sometimes the humor has to go. In those cases, a shift to inspirational and intriguing is necessary.

Creating the right words, with the right voice, at the right time, is something a seasoned writer will provide for you.


There are very few topics where Scott won't be able to thrive. But there are a handful of specialties where experience has brought about a deeper knowledge.

Legal Writing - Personal injury lawyers have a need to show that they help clients in a way that bucks the "ambulance chaser" trend. Scott knows the details, and makes that happen.

Real Estate and Construction - Scott has experience in both markets; able to change things up from the dry and boring, to something exciting.

Finance - After working in the financial world for many years, Scott has developed a way to take convoluted subjects and topics, and turn them into easy-to-understand descriptions for the layperson.

More - There's more. Much more. Scott knows.


Scott loves to get outside.

Writing is a means of providing wisdom and insight to the world. But that knowledge is only able to flow forth after deep introspection.

The Japanese call it Shinrin Yoku: Forest Bathing. It's the act of getting away and allowing nature to recharge oneself.

For Scott, that means long backpacking trips into the mountains. It means hunting and fishing trips that not only take him outdoors, but also allow him to provide for his family. It means exploring nature and seeing how the natural process inspires him to bring those concepts back to what you need written.


1,000 Projects Completed

Over the years, Scott has developed a knack for writing for the legal industry.

Of course, there are still areas of law that are perplexing, convoluted, and overall outside of his real of capabilities. It's a big industry you know!

But his research skills and ability to adapt and learn means he can take the most complex documents and matters, and turn them into something people really want to read and learn from.


1,000 Projects Completed

Scott lives for the outdoors.

Then, back at his computer, he weaves together tales of those adventures.

Sometimes they include scaling enormous mountains deep in the backcountry.

Sometimes they include crawling through shafts, tunnels, and under boulders to discover the hidden world in the caves beneath the earth's surface.

Sometimes they include fishing rivers, lakes, and streams nearby.

No matter where the adventure takes him, he learns a lesson, discovers a truth, and is excited to bring it back to those willing to listen.


100 Projects Completed

Scott loves technology.

Despite sometimes wanting to throw it all out the window, retreat to a cabin in the woods, and never use tech again... he's never going to be able to do that.

It's just too exciting to be able to see how the world advances in online and computer world!

Those new concepts, exciting changes, and opportunities that generations before didn't have, all come to life when he writes for the SaaS and tech communities.


1,000 Projects Completed

Articles are a great way to inspire and intrigue.

Scott has honed his craft in such a way that he's able to write some really badass articles that people love to read.

He dives into the history, the nuances, and the activities. He's able to twist a seemingly boring topic into a story of inspiration.

It's all about capturing the reader so they want to keep reading, and that's what Scott's articles do.


5 Projects Completed

Scott is a ghostwriter.

What's a ghostwriter you ask?

It's someone that takes the ideas in your head, and turns them into a book in your hands.

Most people aren't great writers. And that's okay, they have other skills they focus on. But just because they're not great writers doesn't mean they don't have a sweet story to tell!

Scott pulls that story from within, finds the best way to tell it, and puts it into words that can go on to become bestsellers.

Your story deserves to be told. Let Scott help you do that.

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