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Divya is a versatile freelance copywriter with 3+ years of experience. She has helped digital agencies in the U.S, Canada, and Dubai upscale and grow their brand.

She also works with Saas, advertising, and mental health companies to enhance their messaging and reach more customers.

Currently, she manages the social media content and sales copy for leading skincare brands.
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Divya loves to write on the following:

Beauty and health
Mental Health

She also holds an MFA in advertising and is passionate about ad copywriting. Previously, her work with a leading cosmeceutical company gained over a lakh ad views and 200 sales of their high-end products.


Divya is passionate about cohesive problem-solving for businesses. Thus, her interests include:

User Experience
Human Behaviour
Social Media Marketing
Content Strategy

To enhance her skillsets, she completed professional short courses of the above-mentioned from esteemed universities in London and the USA.

When she's not writing, she loves to cuddle her pets and read inspirational stories.


Academy of Art University

Completed the three-year degree in advertising with a focus on Copywriting and Strategy. Additionally, participated in various workshops to gain a better understanding of the real world.


70 Projects Completed

Divya has worked on cosmeceutical and skincare brands to produce engaging social media content and sales copy.

Her copy is detail-oriented with a creative flair. She knows where to draw the line between benefits and features. She uses simple language to convey complicated topics. Her main aim is to reach the customers, engage them in the product, and drive brand awareness/growth.


50 Projects Completed

Divya's writing focuses on the unique ways businesses can leverage digital marketing to succeed. She has worked on topics that provide insights and clarity to any type of business.

She wants to stay ahead of the trend and reads interesting pieces on marketing and strategy.


25 Projects Completed

Divya loves to bring out exclusive E-commerce posts. She's particularly drawn toward the extravagant nature of the industry. She finds endless possibilities to bring ideas to life. She has worked with some of the best E-com solution providers, writing blog posts on E-commerce marketing, sales, and more.


10 Projects Completed

Divya is fascinated by the opportunities businesses can bring to the table. She loves solving challenges and helping people make informed decisions.

She has worked with numerous Saas companies to produce informative and engaging blog posts.

Landing Page

350 Projects Completed

Divya has worked on landing pages for various sectors. Some of the sectors she has worked on include:


Her writing is precise and clear. She uses in-depth research to understand the competitors and what needs to be better than them. She takes time to research and strategize the pages.

Blog Post

200 Projects Completed

Divya's writing is simple and effective that informs and retains leads. She has worked on numerous short-form blog posts in various industries. Her work is clear, strategic, and backed with proof.

She loves to work on conversational pieces that encourage action or change someone's life for good. Whether a business blog or otherwise, she engages the audience with her intuitive writing.

Additionally, she loves to research topics, find SEO keywords, and optimize blog posts accordingly.

Facebook Post

50 Projects Completed

Divya has a knack for creative writing. Her Facebook and Instagram posts engage and drive the audience to action. She writes compelling product information that educates and entertains the consumers.

She has worked with leading skincare brands to produce well-performing social media content to drive brand growth.


15 Projects Completed

Divya holds an MFA in advertising from the U.S and is passionate about creating thought-provoking ads. Her research skills and creativity make it easy to recall and recognize the ads that work well in the industry.

Her out-of-the-box creativity and strategic approach fulfill emotional touchpoints and paves way for action.

Divya's work for a leading cosmeceutical brand gained traction through Facebook ads.

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