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Granvile is a certified copywriter and passionate content writer with extensive experience spanning six years. He has worked with industry-leading sites producing informative blog articles and web copies. The statistician-come writer boasts a mastery of technology, finance and trading, which augurs well with forex, cryptocurrency and technology niches. Granvile is published on Indicatorspot as a lead writer.
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While Granvile is an all-around writer who specializes in technology and finance niches. As a seasoned trader, he has a solid understanding and incredible grasp of cryptocurrency and forex topics. His statistical background helps conduct proper research and craft clear and informative content supported by authoritative data. Granvile is also passionate about emerging technology, especially fintech. He writes web copies for technology and e-commerce sites.

In general, his specialties are:


Granvile loves writing. When he is not crafting and drafting content, he loves to read books.

Other interests and hobbies:
Traveling - he loves touring, hiking, and watching different animals and ecosystems
Listen to music - he enjoys listening to soft music and playing guitars
Watching movies


University of Eldoret

The four-year course focuses on applying statistical models in real life. It explores areas such as regression analysis and using data analysis software such as Stata, and R. Applied statistics imparts students with data research methods applicable in any field.


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Granville's experience in cryptocurrencies stems from crypto trading. When he is not writing, he is busy looking for good buying and selling opportunities in the market. He passionately follows news events and emerging trends. Granvile is also a researcher in the crypto industry and has written extensively about digital currencies price predictions, dApps, Non-fungible tokens, and Metaverse.


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Granvile's financial background comes from his expertise as an analyst and trader. His ups and downs have helped him know what should be taken care of when it comes to investing. He writes incredible educational content, learning guides, analyses on earning trends, and personal views on business. The avid reader specializes in financial markets and leverages on conducting extensive research to write informative content.

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A passionate writer, Granvile is well versed in writing blog posts. He has created numerous articles spanning from finance, health, technology, and automotive niches. The blog posts vary from listicles to how-to guides. The seasoned article writer integrates infographics to boost rankings. Whether it is informative or promotional articles, you can rest assured of tip-top quality.


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Thanks to vast experience and expertise in article writing, Granvile excels in creating flawless and captivating articles that appeal to most readers. He proofreads the content to ensure validity in structure and substance.

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