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Naomi has over 2 years of experience writing quality articles for clients in different niches.
She takes pride in delivering well researched, written, edited and ready-to-publish articles for her clients.
Naomi works on every article with keenness and attention to detail and instructions. She follows the following steps when writing every article:
1. Read and understand the article brief
2. Understand the search intent
3. Do thorough research for the article
4. Write the first draft
5. Edit the draft thoroughly
6. Re-read the draft and cross-check it against the instructions
7. Submit the article
8. Work on revisions, if any.

Overall, Naomi's only aim is to ensure that her clients get the best.
Blog Post


Naomi excels as both a blog writer and ghostwriter.
As a blog writer, she has written for different websites. Some of the articles she has handled are informative, HowTos, Listicles and General articles.
Naomi always strives to write the posts in the client's tone so they resonate with the target audience.

As a ghostwriter, Naomi has worked with several clients to write articles, press releases and other content in her client's tone and voice.
She understands that the most important part of a ghostwriting role is the ability to mimic the client's voice to reach their target audience.
Naomi also understands the need for confidentiality when working as a ghostwriter. She has never breached a client's confidentiality and is willing to sign NDAs whenever necessary.


Naomi enjoys writing articles for clients in different niches. Some of her personal favourites are home improvement, gardening, pets, cooking, business, e-commerce and SaaS.

However, this doesn't limit how far she can stretch to meet her client's expectations. Naomi is always willing to try out and learn something new in her profession.

Besides writing, Naomi is a kitchen wizard. She loves making great meals for her family and guests.

She also loves working with human volunteers to make life better for other people. After all, life is hard enough for a lot of people right now. Why not put a smile on their faces?


100 Projects Completed

Naomi has written business articles for different clients. some of the topics she has covered are B2B articles, B2C articles and marketing topics.
She has worked with different website owners to create well-researched articles for them. She follows SEO requirements to the letter to ensure that the articles rank on Google.


50 Projects Completed

E-commerce is the current big thing in the freelance industry. More and more businesses are taking ver the online space to sell their products and services.
When she realized this, Naomi learned how to write content for the industry. So far, she has worked with clients in different sub-industries in e-commerce to help them create converting content.
She understands the importance of understanding search intent and writing content that offers solutions for the prospective consumer's problems.


50 Projects Completed

Naomi's hobby is cooking. She loves working with new recipes and discovering new ingredients and hacks in the kitchen.
Seeing as this is her hobby, Naomi has worked with different clients to write content for their cooking and DIY projects.
She likes scouring the internet for information and sometimes tries out the new recipes and hacks she learns online.

Blog Post

200 Projects Completed

In the last two years, Naomi has written over 200 blog posts for different clients in different niches.
Blogging is one of Naomi's specialities and she enjoys working with different topics.
She especially lives blogging in the home improvement, business, cooking, gardening, pets, e-commerce and pet niches. She has also blogged in Saas and loved it.
Currently, Naomi is willing to write in the above niches, and any other new niches that might interest her. She's willing to learn and follow instructions for client satisfaction.


100 Projects Completed

Naomi has written different articles in different niches for multiple clients.
She writes How-To articles, listicles, question-based articles, general information articles and topic-specific articles depending on what the client needs.
Naomi has written articles for well over two years and has always left her clients satisfied with the work she delivers. She is more than happy to help more clients write audience-specific and ranking articles.

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