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An industry veteran for nearly twenty years, Ginger has been a published author for an eclectic array of mediums since 1992, including numerous blog postings, technical articles, editorial pieces, article re-writes, creative fictional writing and website content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. She has the proven ability to write content pertaining to a plethora of topics. She is also comfortable writing in a variety of tones and styles, including MLA Style, AP Style and APA Style. Her strengths include academic writing, report writing, document editing and product reviews.

A former paralegal, Ginger is proficient in the production of legal documents, legal letters, commentaries and legal publications. She has experience in drafting and responding to demand letters, public relations and consumer complaint mediation. Additionally, she provides comprehensive proofreading and copy editing services to her clients, ensuring accuracy, attention to detail and a quick turnaround. She encourages open communication and feedback to ensure that the finished product meets all specifications.

As a New York City native, Ginger is a self-proclaimed foodie who enjoys the adventures of experiencing and reviewing new dining venues. When not actively writing or participating in calorie-laden activities, she is a pre-hospital healthcare provider who is committed to public safety. She has a B.S. in Emergency Medical Care and is an active member of her local community. She often mentors both students and new hires to help enable them to learn and gain job proficiency. As a hobby, she enjoys blogging about healthcare and researching medical studies that are applicable to her profession.


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As a paralegal, Ginger gained extensive experience in drafting legal documents, court motions and settlement proposals. She has provided over a hundred hours of volunteer work assisting Pro Se clients in the proper formatting of court documents and other filings. She is experienced in bankruptcy and civil proceedings, including automatic stay violations.

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