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Despite being from a technical background, Suchitra has always wanted to utilize her strong language skills. Writing provided the opportunity for her to do so. Being a freelance writer for about 7 years has made her evolve her writing skills, and she has the experience of writing about several different topics. Be it a technical topic or even the weirdest topic, she takes it on as a challenge to provide a fine, easy-to-understand, yet fun-to-read piece.


Whether it's a formal tone or an informal one that's required, Suchitra can write it as you want it. She has a broad understanding of how to write a good piece for topics covering science & technology, general knowledge, travel & living, health, food & beverages, to name a few. From writing articles for a young audience, to writing technical articles for developers, she has the right skill to tweak her writing style based upon the target audience.


Suchitra is interested in putting her culinary skills to use in the kitchen by experimenting with new dishes. She loves practicing yoga, sweating it out, and the refreshed feeling thereafter thanks to the release of endorphins. She is an avid environmentalist and attempts to get people around her to switch to eco-friendly alternatives, while also preserving what is available to us for sustenance on this planet.


Canara Engineering College

Suchitra is pursuing her PhD in Artificial Intelligence in a biomedical research topic.


20 Projects Completed

Suchitra worked as a freelance verbal and soft-skills trainer for two years and has travelled to several educational institutions to train students and faculty. With every new audience, came new interactions and a good learning experience both ways. With strong communication skills, she wanted to be able to get all those around her ramp up their language skills too.


50 Projects Completed

Suchitra has a good amount of experience in writing diverse articles for journals and websites. Even though she might not have the expertise in some of the topics that she takes up, she does an appropriate amount of research to be able to produce a good piece. The learning experience and the knowledge gained with something new are what excites her about this profession.

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