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Katelynn has experience copywriting for a variety of entities, including private companies, law firms, and hospitality services. She has written over 250 copywriter pieces while working in the industry. Her writing focuses on audience appeal and tone. Katelynn has experience with both MLA and AP formatting, as well as order-specific formats.
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Katelynn specializes in web-based content, such as blogs or advertisements. She has written many pieces on the hospitality industry, with an emphasis on senior living communities and care. Katelynn also specializes in law firm advertisements and blog posts. She writes both long-form and short-form copy and focuses on prose-based content.


Katelynn loves everything to do with poetry and creative writing. Her favorite pieces are from the Romantic Era during the late 1700s to the early 1800s. Katelynn also loves reading, dancing, archery, and music. She can be found watching romcoms and having adventures with her two cats in her free time.


144 Projects Completed

Katelynn has written many pieces on the hospitality industry, with an emphasis on senior living care services. She has reviewed a variety of hospitality services and is familiar with the industry's verbiage and jargon. Katelynn has mastered the particular tone of voice used for hospitality reviews and is very mindful of the specific audience they are directed towards.


98 Projects Completed

Katelynn has written nearly a hundred pieces on the business industry. Her experience includes blog posts, business profiles, and directory entries. She is most familiar with the home construction and maintenance business industry, although she has written pieces on the service industry as well. Katelynn has focused mainly on short-form business pieces.


50 Projects Completed

Katelynn has written on a variety of topics in the legal field, including blog posts, reviews, and legal profiles. Her experience ranges from criminal defense attorneys to family court attorneys, with medical malpractice and employment lawyers as well. She has written legal pieces in both long and short form.


200 Projects Completed

Katelynn has written many business profiles as a copywriter. Her experience includes local business profiles, legal bios and product profiles. During her time has a copywriter, Katelynn has covered bio topics such as pest control, criminal defense attorneys, HVAC installation, and more. She has written both long and short-form profiles.

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Katelynn has written many different types of blog posts for both personal and commercial websites. She is experienced in blog writing in long-form paragraph style, as well as short-form with supplementary data like bullet points. Katelynn's favorite blog post to write was a post on Blobfish for an "Animal of the Day" blog.

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