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Etherberth is a content writer with a solid understanding of SEO, stemming from years worth of experience writing both engaging and informative type content for platforms, including blogs, and social media pages.

Over the years, Etherberth has written content for industries including tech, health,
lifestyle, and marketing and has gained considerable expertise doing this.

For every content that she writes, she ensures that she utilizes SEO strategies as this increases the content visibility. Utilizing these strategies has allowed her to also gain expertise in keyword research and has up-leveled the quality of her content, thus increasing value to clients.


For most of the time that Etherberth has spent as a content writer, she has written original lifestyle content for blogs, as well as well-researched content for brands to market products through their website.

As such, Etherberth's writing specialties revolve around content marketing and lifestyle blogging.


Etherberth has always been inquisitive and as such, it is no wonder why she is an avid reader and has taken a particular interest in research. Working her way through the surface of a subject matter till she finally gets to see all of the details is like the rush of cool wind against the skin on a hot summer day. This allows her to not only stay informed but also have intelligent conversations.

Etherberth also loves art, either man-made or natural art (as in nature). You can be sure to find Etherberth taking nature walks in the cool of the day as this not only makes her feel more centered but also fuels her creativity.


50 Projects Completed

Etherberth has written multiple original lifestyle content. This ranged from relationship content, to managing finances, eating healthy, physical fitness, mental and overall body health.

Writing these article types has helped her stay current and considerably increased her empathy.


20 Projects Completed

Etherberth has worked with a tech-based initiative with a vision that centered on mentoring young tech professionals and providing platforms for them to advance in their careers.

She functioned as the content manager for this initiative and during this season, she enjoyed mapping out strategies, writing copies to promote awareness of this brand, and writing content that helps these young professionals find clarity and navigate their way to where they want to be.


10 Projects Completed

Etherberth wrote a couple of health-based articles for a lifestyle blog ranging from healthy eating habits, to care of the vagina and an article creating awareness about suicide to commemorate the 2021 World Suicide Prevention Day.

Writing these articles allowed her to become even more empathetic to the health-related concerns that people have and has made her even more enthusiastic about spreading content that fosters prevention and control


50 Projects Completed

Etherberth has written articles on digital marketing, finance, health, and tech, while utilizing topic, keyword optimization, and image research for each article.

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