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Camille has been writing for 5 years. She has been copywriting for 3 of those years and has been running her own blog for 1 year. Camille has experience writing general sales copy, book reviews, and ghostwriting. She enjoys writing about travel, health, fitness, and entrepreneurship. Camille draws on her background as a yoga teacher and her biology degree in her writing. She transfers her technical knowledge into digestible writing about immunity, dieting, human evolution and holistic lifestyles. Camille merges her writing skills with her technical knowledge to produce enjoyable content for her readers.
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Camille specializes in writing general sales copy, blog posts, headlines, meta descriptions, and reviews. She enjoys doing yoga, meditating, reading, and spending time with her family in her free time and draws on her interests in her writing when she can. Camille has a background in biology and pre-health sciences and uses her experience in technical writing and research.


Camille loves to travel, spend time with her dog and family in her free time, read a good book or watch tv and go to concerts in her free time. She is based in Greensboro, NC but can be found at the beach or in the mountains in warmer weather, enjoying her beautiful home state.


Drexel University

Camille obtained her Bachelor of Science from Drexel University with minors in neuroscience and Spanish.

Temple University

Camille obtained a certificate in the Pre-Health Sciences with the Advanced Core cohort at Temple University in a year of rigorous post-graduate studies.


100 Projects Completed

Camille has written a variety of blog posts and sales copy on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. She draws largely on her experience as a yoga teacher and yogi to inform what she writes about. Camille covers topics like mindfulness, meditation, debunking myths around yoga, and the benefits of yoga. Camille also discusses her personal experience as a freelancer in her lifestyle posts as a way of connecting with her audience.


30 Projects Completed

As a former EMT and pre-medical student, Camille uses her experience in and out of hospitals to write her own blog posts about the healthcare system in America, particularly in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Camille also writes about ways to have a positive impact on personal health. She has written health and lifestyle copy pieces.


30 Projects Completed

Camille has written blog posts about traveling in South and Central America. She has written about what to do, what to avoid, and her own experiences. Camille lived and traveled in South America for six months and enjoys connecting with her audience over travel experience.

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153 Projects Completed

Camille has written blog posts for her personal blog. Her personal blog covers topics such as mindfulness, mental health, entrepreneurship, and travel. She has also written blog posts for freelance clients about health and fitness, gardening, and music. Camille can use her knowledge of SEO and keyword optimization to ensure your blog post ranks on search engines.

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