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Erin's recent writing experience encompasses writing blogs and white papers for SaaS companies, B2B gated collateral, and thought leadership for the food supply chain industry. She has also written social media for a nonprofit organization.

Through agency work, Erin has written dozens of B2C and B2B blog posts for small business clients in industries ranging from construction to healthcare to cybersecurity.

With a 20+ year background in the pet care industry and over 3 years in retail, Erin also has extensive experience in customer service and is skilled at understanding the customer journey as well as how to communicate effectively with customer personas.

During her career as a professional dog trainer, Erin also used her writing skills to publish articles in Animal Wellness magazine and a professional dog trainer's magazine called The Chronicle of the Dog. She wrote many newsletters and email communications for various animal welfare nonprofit organizations over the years as well.

In 2015, Erin also self-published a dog training manual ebook which is available on Amazon.
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Erin specializes in long form content, which requires extensive research. Her ability to dive deep, learn the details, and write in a way that resonates with readers sets her apart. Erin loves research and puts her all into learning the ins and outs of the subject so that she can write with authority and integrity.

Regarding industry specialties, Erin is an expert in the pet care industry since she has spent over 20 years as a pet professional. Writing about this industry and dogs in particular is second nature for her.

Other areas of intense interest and specialty for Erin are those of retail, supply chain, and sustainability. While they may not immediately seem to share a connection, they are in fact similar in many ways and Erin has written on all three topics and for the retail and food supply chain industries several times. Having worked in the retail sector for several years, her practical experience is also useful here.


Erin's interests are many and some make most people raise an eyebrow. She loves to do many "normal" things like watch movies with her husband and kids, enjoy coffee on the deck when the weather is nice, watch her dogs play. She also enjoys a large garden in which she tries to grow more of her family's food each year.

She loves taking care of her flock of chickens, which typically ranges in size from 25 to 50 birds depending on the time of year since she hatches, raises, and butchers her own birds for meat. Erin loves her main flock like pets and their eggs are the best around.

The things that she loves are also things that she loves to write about. Sustainability, animals, gardening, cooking, and writing itself. But her interests do not limit her to what she can or will write about. She loves learning and so enjoys writing and learning about new things, too.

Erin's love of learning motivates her to take part in continuing education courses through LinkedIn, SEMRush, and HubSpot Academy, among others. She has earned certificates in many areas of study, including copywriting, SEO, and content marketing.


500 Projects Completed

Throughout her 20+ years as a pet professional, Erin relied on her skills as a writer to produce content and copy for her business and others. She wrote newsletters, email copy, blog posts, web copy, social media posts, print copy including brochures, post cards, and trifolds, articles for magazines, and an ebook on dog training.

Erin's experience in both the pet industry and in writing for the pet industry is vast. She has spent decades learning and applying her knowledge to her craft. In this industry, she is confident she is one of the best you will find.

Green Living

7 Projects Completed

Environmentally-friendly living and sustainability is extremely important to Erin and is also one of her favorite topics to write about.

She's completed one white paper on sustainability in the food supply chain industry, and several blog posts for various clients about different eco-friendly products and services. The blog posts all follow SEO best practices and range in length from 300 to 1,500 words.


3 Projects Completed

Erin has written two white papers and one blog post in the SaaS industry.

The white papers were for the same company and both were part of a campaign to help establish the company as a thought leader.

The blog post was on cybersecurity and was ghostwritten through an agency for a tech company. The post followed SEO best practices and was 1000 words in length.

Blog Post

40 Projects Completed

Erin has written dozens of blog posts through agency work for clients, both B2B and B2C. She has researched and written on topics ranging from healthcare and tech to construction and pet care.

Erin has experience writing blogs in various formats including listicle, how-to, FAQ, and dos and don'ts. Her posts have varied in length from 300 to 2000 words depending on client preference.

Product Description

25 Projects Completed

Working through an agency, Erin has written product descriptions for 25 or more products which will be used in affiliate sales posts.

These products vary a great deal from exercise equipment to medical supplies to home decor.

Each description must clearly explain the product and its benefit to the customer using concise copy.

White Paper

2 Projects Completed

Erin has written two white papers for the same company in the food supply chain industry. Both were extremely well researched and thorough. Research included phone interviews with company executives and team leaders, hours of online research, and combing through internal company information and resources.

While each white paper was on a slightly different topic, one on a SaaS service the company provides and one on sustainability in the food supply chain industry, they worked together to strengthen the company's campaign to establish itself as a thought leader in the industry. Both were very well received by the marketing team leaders as well as C-suite executives who had the final review.

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