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Amy Stine is an efficient and collaborative content writer with over five years of experience. While her industry background ranges from hospitality to higher education, she is not limited to those sectors.

She has personal experience as a mother of three children and owns three dogs and a cat. One could say that she has quite the experience in parenting and animal ownership.

Amy's first experience with writing started in 2015 with the creation of her blog. That is where she mainly shared funny parenting stories.

Around the same time, she also created monthly content for Austin Moms Blog. She included topics like anxiety in children, lists of local family-friendly restaurants, and everything in between.

She first built her website in 2015 with WordPress and learned quite a bit. When she revamped her PTO's website in 2019, she knew exactly what to do.

She also maintained the website and generated new content for the PTO's social media accounts.

Amy recently took an SEO certification course through HubSpot to maximize her understanding of search engine optimization. In addition, Amy's research skills allow her to successfully write on almost any topic.

Amy is an excellent self-motivator and logical thinker with the right touch of humor.
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Amy began her official writing career as a blogger for Tales From the Circus. When she began blogging it seemed appropriate to write about her personal and sometimes hilarious experiences as a mom of three young children.

Around the same time, she also generated content for Austin Moms every month. Although it was also centered around parenting, Austin Moms allowed her the freedom to write content about more serious topics such as childhood anxiety, picky eating, and mental health struggles. As a parent of children with mental health battles, she is also an advocate for mental health.

While writing for Austin Moms, she also researched and wrote content about local parks, family-friendly restaurants, and other entertainment venues.

When Amy began her latest role as Social Media Chair for her children's school, she had a more specific audience. Amy was not as tasked with personalized stories as before. Instead, she wrote about fundraising efforts, school events, and Covid-19 guidelines.

As Social Media Chair, she was responsible for maintaining the website content and all social media accounts. Some days it was a witty Facebook post about the Lost and Found, but more often than not, it was generating engaging content about the latest fundraiser.

While she has focused primarily on parenting, she has plenty of experience in other industries, not limited to hospitality and higher education.

While at WriterAccess, she has created web page content (specifically landing pages) for many industries, including automotive, hospitality, and commercial cleaning sectors.


Before her writing career, Amy worked in the hospitality industry- specifically restaurants and catering. She grew up in a restaurant family, spending her time after school at her parents' restaurant. Amy sometimes peeled and deveined shrimp in the restaurant kitchen as a young child.

As an adult, she worked as a catering employee and then became a catering manager with a regional chain. She is very familiar with the ins and outs of restaurants and off-site catering. She would love to write in this industry space.

Amy also worked in higher education in three different capacities. She worked with Deans to implement software for their students and worked directly with students as an Academic Advisor. Amy also has experience in for-profit higher education.

Amy is a mother of three children and an owner of four pets. While she's hardly an "expert parent," she would love to write about parenting (children or animals).

In addition, Amy is curious by nature and loves to research pretty much anything. She has written on topics ranging from medical billing to the benefits of a commercial cleaning company.


Trinity University


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Amy has generated content for two parenting blogs since 2015. She also has three children of her own.


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Amy worked in higher education in three different spaces (Academic Advisor to students, Software Trainer to deans and staff, and Admissions Representative to prospective students) so she is well-versed in multiple aspects of higher ed.


0 Projects Completed

Amy grew up in a restaurant family spending her weekday afternoons peeling and deveining shrimp in the restaurant's kitchen. As an adult, she worked for a regional chain as the off-site Catering Manager for seven years.

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Amy was the Social Media Chair for her school's PTO, so she was responsible for multiple Facebook posts a week. The posts were informational with the right bit of humor.

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Amy started blogging in 2015 with the creation of her own WordPress site. She then wrote for a local parenting blog Austin Moms. Most recently she updated the school PTO's website and generated content for all of the school's fundraising efforts.


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In addition to blog posts, Amy has written many long-form articles. While she loves the hospitality and foodservice industries, she loves to research new things just as much. She has the ability to write confidently about many things and loves to do so.

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During her tenure at WriterAccess, Amy has written several landing pages for companies throughout various industries. She assisted a commercial cleaning company with writing different landing pages for many of its franchise locations. In addition, she has written landing pages for automotive parts as well as hospitality supply companies.

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