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Jessi is an experienced blogger, columnist, writer, author, former journalist and PR executive with a background in Marketing and Communication. She specialised in fashion, luxury branding, styling and international communication. Due to her professional background that implied wearing many hats through the years, Jessi is able to write across a wide range of formats (e.g. blog posts, reviews, short stories, eCommerce product description, press releases, copywriting, web copy and so on).
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Jessi's specialties include fashion, luxury brands and branding, luxury lifestyle, styling and personal styling, personal shopping, shopping, History, biography, short stories, relationships, dating, parenting, etiquette, celebrities, style icons, culture, art, elegance, self- improvement, women's issues and pop culture.


Jessi's writing style and favourite subjects reflect her favourite things: History, elegance, style, fashion, family, fun facts, luxury and culture.


ESEC AAC, University of Coimbra, Portugal

1- Bachelor's Degree in Communication/Marketing & PR

2- Bachelor's Degree in Communication/Journalism, TV and Radio
(both at ESEC AAC, University of Coimbra, Portugal)

3- International Communication course, Hanzehogeshool, University of Groningen, Netherlands

4- Luxury Brand Management Course, ISEG Lisbon in Partnership with London College of Fashion

5- Image Consultant and Personal Styling Course, Colour me Beautiful (Cascais, Portugal/London UK)

6- Personal Styling Course, NHJ Style Consultancy London, UK

7- C2/CPE Proficiency Certificate, Cambridge English


500 Projects Completed

-Fashion columns in online magazines and portals
- Blog posts
-Fashion dossiers on newspapers
- "How to" fashion guides
-Fashion listicles
- Sponsored stories in partnership with fashion brands
-Product description
-Product reviews


400 Projects Completed

- Beauty Blog posts
- Product reviews
-Beauty listicles
- Sponsored stories in partnership with beauty brands
-Product description
-(As a personal shopper/ sales role)Internal marketing written content concerning luxury beauty brands/ World Duty Free


200 Projects Completed

Blog posts, newspaper stories and columns regarding luxury living and brands, elegance, etiquette, behaviour, society and elegance.


200 Projects Completed

Blog posts, e-commerce and newspaper stories: personal styling/personal shopping tips and advice, best lists, seasonal gifts articles, luxury and fashion shopping advice articles, product description, among others,


200 Projects Completed

Business to business support content creation (email and bids templates, email marketing, bids, LOIs, sponsorship and partnership proposals, commercial pages, sales letters, press releases, etc).


200 Projects Completed

- Full time journalist
-Copy blogging
- Copy
-Author fiction/non fiction/children's


200 Projects Completed

Web copy for music and fashion events, press releases, sponsorship/partnership proposals and follow-up written contact, artists bio, artist and celebrities interview, celebrity/entertainment blog posts and columns.


150 Projects Completed

Templates for international business development, email marketing, UN tender documents and press release, sponsorship and partnership copy, templates, newsletters.


150 Projects Completed

Blog posts and columns about dating, marriage, family and parenting.


100 Projects Completed

Listicles and opinion blog posts, satire, society and celebrity comment, scripts for podcasts and sketches.


80 Projects Completed

Blog posts and published books about folk magic, folklore, Law of Attraction, Catholicism.


50 Projects Completed

-Marketing plans
-Strategy outline
-Branding strategy
-Support written content (landing pages, sales pages, e-mail marketing content, newsletters, proposals)


50 Projects Completed

Blog posts about babies, baby products, toddler parenting, new mums, motherhood, post partum, self-care for mums.


25 Projects Completed

- Catalogues for PPE brands
- Copy for Brand presentation dossiers
- Email marketing and marketing resources for PPE and healthcare brands

Blog Post

2,000 Projects Completed

- Advice blog post (fashion, styling, styling according to body types, seasonal advice on trends, "how-to" fashion lists, best lists (e.g. "best styling tips to make you look taller", dating, relationships, self-improvement, family)
-Lists: How to lists, fun facts lists, Things to avoid lists (on Fashion, Style, Elegance, Dating, Family, History, Celebrities).
- Events comment/report (e.g., "Best and Worse Met Gala Gowns").
- Opinion blog posts
-Trend analysis and social critique blog posts
-Sponsored posts
- Giveaways
-Personal stories
-Case study posts
-Guest blogging

Facebook Post

1,000 Projects Completed

-Blog Facebook page (summary posts linking to blog articles, memes, quotes, short posts/mini articles, photo captions)
-Corporate Facebook page (mini article, news comment according to the company's expertise, quotes, corporate news, corporate clipping post).


100 Projects Completed

- Historical Figures short biographies
- Profiles of interviewees, company founders, celebrities, etc for copy
- Style icons stories/ short bio

Email Copy

100 Projects Completed

- Templates
-Email newsletters
-B2B emails
- Follow up emails
- Sponsorship emails
-Re-engagement emails
-Prospect partnership emails
-Commercial proposal emails
-Sales page emails
-Brand story emails
-Company/brand presentation emails

And many others on request.

Product Description

100 Projects Completed

-Commercial product description
-Ecommerce short description


25 Projects Completed

Being a full-time journalist for four years, a freelancer for a few more, and a blogger with a regular fashion column in a reputable fashion magazine, Jessi had the chance to amass experience writing all kinds of articles: opinion pieces, special reports, news stories, blog posts, fashion guides, advice articles, and commercial content, to name a few.


20 Projects Completed

Pharmacy catalog (PPE), Fashion catalog, seasonal/holiday gift catalog, luxury brands gift catalog


10 Projects Completed

-Tourism brochures for international events
-Company brochures for international fairs
- Music Festival brochures

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