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Kelly S. is a cheerleading devil's advocate storyteller who helps entrepreneurs gain clarity and confidence in their messaging. She helps small business owners and startups tell their stories authentically so they can grow the community they want and focus on bringing their dreams to life with captivating, confident, kickass content.

Kelly has been writing for over a decade, helping people see that they are not alone in this rat race we call life. She has evolved over the past two years into helping companies bring their brands to life through captivating storytelling, helping her clients prove to their audience that they are the go-to solution.
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Kelly S. writes stories that are inspirational, relatable, conversational, and engaging.

She writes about her mental health struggles and those of her kids. She also writes about her adventures, her dogs, her family.

And when she isn't writing about her personal life, she is writing short stories inspired by 1-word prompts. She is also working on a novel that is about a burnt-out mom who goes on a solo road trip to find herself.

But when she is working for her clients - she focuses on lifestyle, adventures, and real-life problems and solutions

She specializes in blog posts, website content, stories, reviews, and even audits for social media and websites.


When Kelly S. is not writing, working with clients, working on her novel, or corralling 7 dogs, 6 cats, 2 kids, and 1 husband (who is just a grown-up kid) - she can be found exploring the woods with a camera in one hand, a journal in the other, and 10 essentials in her pack.

She can see the silver linings in the storms, and solutions in the darkest tunnels.

Adventures fuel her passion, and reading a good book helps her fall asleep at night.

Self Help

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Kelly S. has spent her entire life battling mental health dragons and constantly learning how to become the best version of herself. Her children also battle their own mental health dragons and because of that, she is passionate about sharing not just the struggles but also writing about the solutions that have worked for her and her family.

Whether it's to find balance, gaining self-confidence, or providing the permission to stay in bed all day because sometimes we just need to rest - she writes from her heart.


20 Projects Completed

Parenting is hard. Parenting is fun. Parenting in modern times often means parenting alone.

Kelly S. understands the challenges and the cloud 9 times of parenting. Her kids are neurodiverse and have helped her see the world in a whole new light. And because of that, she strives to help other parents know they are not alone.

Blog Post

20 Projects Completed

Kelly S. can start with a basic idea and run with it, creating a story, weaving together benefits and features that will be relatable to her client's audiences. Her words convey enough emotion to ease customers' pain points, with just enough logical facts that help customers to not have buyer's remorse.


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Kelly S. can start with a basic idea and run with it, creating a story, weaving together plots and characters and themes and ups and down to keep the reader moving and engaged with conversational, sarcastic, and inspirational styles.

She helps her clients think through all the details to minimize plot holes and keep it believable.

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