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Laura has a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing, with a writing focus on Creative Nonfiction. She has worked in both magazine and literary publishing.

Laura was an editorial assistant for Image Interiors & Living in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland; in this position, she composed both online and print articles that involved web research and phone interviews. Other tasks included proofreading magazine copy, obtaining images and marketing material from featured businesses, and attending editorial meetings.

Laura also served two years on the editorial board for Catfish Creek, Loras College's Undergraduate Literary Magazine. She served first as the Fiction Editor and then as Editor-in-Chief. In both these positions, she was required to solicit, track, evaluate, and proofread submissions. As Editor-in-Chief, Laura was responsible for making all final acceptance decisions and developing the issue's layout.

Currently, Laura is working in her third year as a freelance writer, composing mid-length newspaper and magazine articles. All work is 100% remote. She conducts interviews via email, phone, and in person. Since most compositions are interview-based, much of her time is also dedicated to transcription.
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Content Writing
Laura primarily writes in this format. She composes short- to
mid-length articles for newspapers and magazines.

Journalistic Writing
Laura has used this style of writing to cover upcoming events
or feature local organizations.

Blog Writing
Laura has been writing blog content for about 1.5 years. Though
her blogging has been for personal use, it is a primary way she
practices her craft as well as develop experience with writing for
SEO and keywords.

Creative Writing
Laura has a BA in Creative Writing and specializes in Creative
Nonfiction. Though none of her work in this genre has yet been
published (in a traditional form), it informs her
reflection-based newspaper pieces and travel articles.


Travel and Culture
Laura spent five months in Europe a few years ago and has since
been waiting for an opportunity to return. After her visit, she
developed an interest in travel-based writing, whether it be a
creative piece about the experience or travel/tourism advice for
readers. For Laura, exploring a new place also means learning
how the people there live, from food and clothes to cultures and
customs. She likes discovering the "whys" and "hows" of a
place's culture.

Food writing is a new interest for Laura. After a couple of years
developing a vast baking repertoire, she turned to blogging to
explore food writing as a genre. It's still under development, but
Laura has Dianne Jacob's Will Write For Food ever handy for

Home Living
Laura loves browsing Etsy and the local craft and decor stores to
see (and take part in) the latest interior decorating trends. She
dreams of having a home that would be worthy of a magazine

Laura's faith often guides her writing, whether it finds an obvious
place in the finished work or not. It often features in her personal
writing, but she is not afraid to include it when an assignment
requires it!


Loras College

-Minor: Irish Studies
-GPA: 3.96 / 4.0; Summa Cum Laude
-Passed Creative Writing Composition & Defense with a perfect score (Spring 2020)
“Uttered Prayer: A Collection of Stories on Self-Discovery &
Faith” (creative nonfiction)
-Passed Literature Thesis Composition & Defense with Honors (Fall
“Graham Greene: Extending the Path to Redemption Through An
Anticipation of Vatican II Faith in The Power and the Glory”
(literary analysis)


50 Projects Completed

Laura writes about food in short-form blog posts with a focus on testing and reviewing a recipe. She also reports on the baking process, offering tips for better success where applicable.


28 Projects Completed

Laura writes for The Catholic Moment, the official newspaper of the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana. She reports on church events and organizations, recounts personal stories of how individuals serve the church or community, and teaches readers about the church seasons and saints. Though these articles have been intended for a Catholic audience, Laura likes to explore and learn about other faiths through writing and interview.

Home Living

17 Projects Completed

Laura focuses on interior design and decor in the home living industry. She has created list-based blog posts (a publication's favorite products) and has interviewed home design experts.


11 Projects Completed

Most of Laura's travel-based writing has appeared on her personal blog. However, she does have two mid-length piece published in a Southern US magazine. An avid traveller and travel planner herself, she loves to explore what makes a place and its people worth a visit.


4 Projects Completed

On WriterAccess, Laura has completed mid-length tech articles, covering troubleshooting and how-to for a variety of products and applications.

Blog Post

126 Projects Completed

Laura's blog posts are short-form, ranging from 300-500 words. These cover a variety of topics such as home interiors, events, travel, or food, and often involve research and obtaining images.


44 Projects Completed

Laura writes mid-length articles which run from 800-1200 words. The majority of these articles include interviews or additional topic research.

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