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Phyllis has an extensive background as a writer, having worked as a top marketer and SEO writer for over 10 years at such companies as Microsoft, AmeriCorps, and Hitachi Data Systems. Some of her duties include developing online content that markets product lines to potential customers but also provides the right blend of information that will help grow their brand.
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As a top writer, Phyllis is experienced in writing everything from blogs to product descriptions and much more.

Phyllis assists clients with creating content for their business across many different platforms such as social media, SEO, and email marketing.

She has written thousands of articles on an extensive range of topics and understands how to create engaging and interesting content. She also has experience in interviewing clients and drawing out the key information which ensures that no stone is left unturned so to speak.

Her skills are transferrable across many industries but her knowledge is especially useful when it comes to web design/development, business/commerce, technology, law, healthcare, finance & real estate.


Phyllis is an experienced writer passionate about writing. She has written many articles on SEO, leading marketing practices, and networking. The studies she's done in her major have given her a well-rounded understanding of the importance of social media for businesses to develop their brands online.

She loves to write but also has a knack for video editing. When she isn't working on her current projects, Phyllis likes to do DIY crafts or watch sports games live when they are happening around town.

Search Marketing

500 Projects Completed

Phyllis is an experienced writer and professional blogger. She has been writing for the search marketing niche since 2012, and she specializes in helping small business owners understand how SEO can help their businesses grow.

She also writes about getting more traffic to your website using social media, guest blogging, and building relationships with other bloggers and companies in her industry.

Through her blog posts and articles, Phyllis provides high-quality tips on how business owners can use techniques such as keyword research, link building, content creation to improve their search engine rankings.


500 Projects Completed

Phyllis is a technology writer with experience in writing articles on products, devices, computer programs, hardware, and software. She has written about the most recent advancements in technology for many publications including websites, magazines, and newspapers.

Phyllis specializes in the latest technological advances making her most valuable to companies who build or manufacture products within the technology niche. Her expertise ensures accurate representation of products while also promoting her client's company mission statements through integrated marketing strategies.


300 Projects Completed

Phyllis is a freelance writer who has experience in writing for the sales niche. She works hard to produce each article with 3 key things in mind: quality, relevance, and readability.

Her passion for creating content that engages readers comes from her love of reading since she was young. That's why she creates every post by reading it out loud, adjusting it until it sounds natural when spoken. Everything is written with the reader in mind to make sure they understand what they are being told through her words, not because she uses complicated jargon or overly-formatted sentences.

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1,042 Projects Completed

Phyllis studied marketing and SEO writing which helps her write blog posts that attract readers, increase search engine traffic, and boost online sales.

Phyllis's number one goal with every post is to understand the key points of what she wants to convey so they are meaningful to the reader. She loves being able to entertain her audience while educating them on topics that interest them.

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