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After finishing her M.A. in Professional Writing, Amy accepted the challenge of learning to write for businesses. Since 2017, she's completed 1000+ long and short-form freelance assignments in both the B2B and B2C markets.

Whether a client needs a blog post, guide, how-to manual, case study, or other piece of long-form content, Amy delivers a well-researched and polished finished project.

In addition to her ability to create top-quality long-form content, Amy has a knack for under 500-word blog posts.

In the case of short-form content, the idea of less is more, isn't just a phrase to throw around. Amy gets it - give your customers rich content in a small space, and you give them a taste of what you can do for them. They'll continue to come back for your "meatier" content.

Amy also writes web content, including landing pages, call-to-action copy, social media content, and copy to support visual media.
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When your life experience directly impacts the freelance projects you use, it's win-win. Amy draws from a vast background of work and life experience when she sits down to write.

For example, her experience as a home renovation expert helps shape projects in the interior design, construction, and home improvement niches. At the same time, completing professional real estate licensure courses allows her to offer high-level expertise to her real estate clients.

For clients in the wellness and self-help niches, Amy brings a background in psychology and life coaching.

As a small business owner in the home building and retail food markets, Amy includes writing projects for entrepreneurs in her portfolio.

Her curiosity about a wide range of topics makes her an excellent fit for most niches. If she doesn't know much about something, she loves to dig in and explore.


As a freelance writer, it goes without saying that Amy would rather spend most of her time in her writing space. While she hasn't worked on many, she's intrigued with writing white papers. She's also actively working on practicing her email sequence and sales page copywriting skills.

In addition to working on projects for clients, Amy spends time traveling and reading.

What better way to gather information for writing projects?

Her personal writing projects include creative non-fiction (memoir) and journaling. She's particularly interested in teaching others, non-writers included, how to tell their stories.

Another project she's working on is writing a how-to book for entrepreneurs on using journaling to change mindsets.


University of Illinois

Earned a Bachelor of Arts. Graduated Summa Cum Laude.

University of Denver

Earned an M.A. in Professional Writing with a concentration in Creative Non-fiction.


500 Projects Completed

People love to read about themselves. That's what Amy considers when writing on lifestyle topics. She specializes in learning what her clients and their audience want to read.

Amy puts herself in the shoes of the client first, then tries on the shoes of the target audience. What message does the client need to get across to their readers? What types of content will grab and hold the attention of the client's audience?

Writing on lifestyle topics means keeping up with trends. It also requires an open mind, and the desire to try on new ideas. Amy enjoys researching trends and keeping your audience updated with what's new in the world.

If you're looking for a writer who has not only your back, but wants to create content your audience will come back for time and time again, Amy is your writer.

Real Estate

200 Projects Completed

As a home renovation specialist and co-owner of a remodeling and construction company, Amy has spent years in the trenches. She's renovated, and written about, three vintage homes. One, a 1937 bungalow, and two Mid-Century moderns.

Amy also holds a real estate license (albeit expired) from the state of Colorado. She has continued to keep up with real estate trends and enjoys writing about sales, marketing, and finance.

She's written extensively for a client in the title industry, covering topics such as the title process and title insurance.


100 Projects Completed

As an avid traveler, Amy knows what people look for when planning a trip. She puts her travel expertise to work and spends time doing ample research of accommodations, restaurants and bars, activities, culture, and costs.

While pulling together the details of a particular location or event, Amy adds plenty of storytelling. That could include an interview with a local resident, business owner, or fellow traveler.

It's not enough to talk about a place, you must draw readers in so that a location is so resistible, they either put it on the bucket list, or immediately book a trip. That's what Amy does!

Blog Post

1,000 Projects Completed

Amy started her professional writing career as a blogger. She's written content from 500 words up to 5000 on just about any topic you can imagine.

While she can write about most subjects, she prefers projects where she can use her expertise. She's written blog content for HVAC, plumbing, roofing, remodeling, and new home construction.

Some of her favorite clients are those in the residential and commercial painting industry. For them, she can bring her expertise in interior design to each project, which takes a sometimes dry subject and brings it to life in color.

As an SEO expert, Amy can either research keywords, or use those requested by the client. She does an excellent job of incorporating even the most awkward keywords so that they sound natural to the reader.

Landing Page

25 Projects Completed

As a web content specialist, Amy understands the importance of landing pages as they relate to conversions. If the content on your landing page doesn't hold your prospective customer's attention, they'll move on to another business.

Amy has experience creating landing pages for marine dealers, travel bloggers, and residential and commercial painting contractors. She studies each business, their target client, and their products.

Amy's experience using SEO tools helps her craft rich content with the perfect number of keywords. After working with the client to approve keywords, she crafts landing page content designed to convert browsers to buyers.

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