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In 2021, Jessica graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's Degree in English and an emphasis in Creative Writing. At BYU, she was a fiction submissions editor for the university's literary magazine, Inscape. She also had a minor in Music and is an experienced violinist and vocalist.

She has been working as a contracted content writer and copywriter for the last year. She has written over 200 articles on a variety of topics. She's written about anything from reverse mortgages to decorating a beach home. Jessica particularly enjoys writing articles about lifestyle, health, decor, family, and DIY crafting.

Currently, Jessica is working as a writing and editing intern for a youth magazine. Every week, she gets to interview teens and young adults about their mental health, spirituality, and wellness. Those interviews then allow her to write articles that are directly applicable to her audience. She is also a published writer in a corresponding young adult magazine and youth content application.
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Jessica specializes in writing about lifestyle and home topics. Some of her favorite articles have discussed home renovations, vacation home decor, family vacation destinations, and baby nursery preparations. Additionally, she enjoys writing about family relationships, and how to prioritize a healthy, happy marriage.

She also loves writing articles about mental health, spirituality, health, and wellness. After she experienced mental health issues and saw mental illness in her own family, Jessica became passionate about this topic. She feels that with dedication, support, and healing, everyone can come to a place where they feel whole mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Jessica also spent a few years working in the wedding industry. So, she specializes in writing about wedding decorations, dresses, vendors, planning, and more. She particularly enjoys writing about travel and destination weddings. She also has some experience writing about small business management due to her interaction with wedding industry small businesses.


Many of Jessica's writing interests align with her writing specialties. She is interested in writing about home and hearth topics such as home decor trends, furniture flipping, home renovation projects, fun family activities, and family vacation destinations. She is also interested in writing about creating strong family relationships and healthy marriages.

Jessica is also interested in writing about mental health, spirituality, health, and wellness. It interests her to address audiences both young and old since these topics are always relevant and important.

She is also interested in writing about the wedding industry. Jessica regularly researches weddings on social media to stay current with trends. She loves writing about wedding decorations, dresses, vendors, destination weddings, and more.

Jessica's non-writing interests are almost always creative. She loves classical music, musical theater, and opera. She is an amateur watercolor artist, an experienced calligrapher, and loves DIY decor and sewing projects. She regularly reads regency romance novels but also enjoys high fantasy novels. She loves to cook good food and enjoys traveling with her loved ones.


Brigham Young University

Jessica received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Brigham Young University in December 2021. Her studies had an emphasis on creative writing and studied a lot of historical and creative literature. She also received a minor in Music, so she has expertise in music history, basic music theory, as well as vocal and orchestral music.


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Jessica writes about many different women-related topics. She writes about anything from maintaining good mental health to planning the best bachelorette party. She writes to empower women by talking about beauty, fashion, health, home trends, weddings, and small business achievements. She enjoys writing about healthy relationships and creating a healthy married life.


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Jessica has recently done a lot of research on mental health and writes articles about maintaining good mental health and helping family members with mental illnesses. She also enjoys writing about different methods of exercise and helping readers to find a type of exercise that works for their needs and lifestyle. Jessica has also written about healthy living routines such as eating a balanced diet, meditating, getting enough sleep, etc.


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Jessica writes about a variety of lifestyle topics. She writes about diet and exercise as well as cooking and meal planning. She also writes about home life including topics such as home renovations, home decor trends, family activities, party entertainment, and more. She writes about lifestyle trends that are popular on social media such as travel blogging, fashion, beauty, and love.


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Jessica enjoys writing about a variety of crafts. She loves writing about arts and crafts such as painting, calligraphy, sewing, quilting, and DIY home decor. She also writes about seasonal crafts, such as holiday wreaths, handmade signs, and Christmas crafts. She also enjoys writing about home renovation crafting including flipping furniture and built-in furniture.


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Jessica writes about healthy eating habits and patterns that are applicable for all ages. She writes about appropriate portions, meal habits, and healthy cooking. However, she doesn't shy away from articles that address delicious dessert recipes and the best holiday party courses. She enjoys writing about easy family meals and date night recipes.


10 Projects Completed

Jessica writes about the importance of family and romantic relationships. She helps address concerns that occur between parents and children. She often writes about marriage relationships, and addresses newlywed adjustments as well as kindling the flame of passion in mature relationships. She also writes about how to maintain good, constant, authentic friendships.

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Jessica has written hundreds of blog articles on a wide variety of topics. Most of the time, she has had her blog article topics assigned to her and then has done the necessary research to write the article. She has also done blog article ideation and published on topics that she is interested in personally. She normally writes blog articles between 400 and 1,000 words but has also written articles that are longer than 2,000 words.

Mobile Content

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Recently, Jessica has started writing mobile content for a variety of lifestyle applications. Her mobile content writing pieces generally haven't been very long, since short, succinct, written content is generally more impactful on mobile applications and social media. She has written mobile content that highlights accompanying designs or images and has also written content that is supposed to take the majority of the focus by itself.

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