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Most of Matt's writing experience has been from college, work, and co-authored Kindle ebooks. Several websites have published short historical articles.
His professional writing is technical. The typical subject is creating application or hardware documentation, researching technical issues, or creating KB articles.
Matt has a B.A. in History - a favorite topic - and regularly reads or views such content.
He published Kindle stories and co-authored a book with two friends. Science fiction, alternate history, and fantasy are among his favorite topics.


Matt has written on different topics and constantly learns about new ones. Writing specialties include history (particularly World War 2, the 1930s and 1940s), Microsoft Office features, Office shortcut tricks, KB articles, general technical writing.
Matt has co-written or self-published several sci-fi and fantasy novels through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


Matt in his off-time enjoys chilling with his family - the kids won't be home forever! Running is a big part of his life helping maintain fitness and sometimes sanity.
Matt enjoys reading or viewing different topics in history, fitness, and news stories from all sources. He's been known to enjoy a new or different microbrew too!


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Matt has become interested in fitness as he's become older. At age 45, Matt realized he was out of shape and not feeling well. That needed to change.
A 90-day kickboxing challenge started this journey. Using Kickboxing, combined with running, led to a 40-pound weight loss. Since that day, Matt has become a certified run coach (RRCA and Lydiard Foundation).


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Training or helping others is something that comes easy to Matt. Matt started as an English teacher in Japan. Since then, Matt has been asked to train or create impromptu sessions for applications or new technology features. One particular area of focus was Microsoft Office. Matt is a Microsoft Office Specialist in Word.


0 Projects Completed

Matt has worked in IT for 20+ years. His roles included desktop support (Windows, OS X), project management and coordination, system administrator, and corporate trainer. This history has given Matt a varied background in different areas. Matt's professional experience makes him an ideal generalist who can do deep dives into different areas.


3 Projects Completed

Matt has written several articles for LinkedIn and several history websites. The LinkedIn articles concentrate on different aspects of running. Topics include overall fitness, types of trainers, and what kinds of runs exist. The historical pieces are on World War 2. The first article was about the decline of the German Luftwaffe.
Matt enjoys researching and sifting through the information to write the article.

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