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Jessica is a skilled writer with a BA in Literature. She has been a freelance writer for about five years. Her experience includes ghostwriting short stories, web content, blogs and articles. She is also a published author. Her novels Legend of the Phoenix and Kenneth Randall: Grower have been published by ASJ Publishing. Her short story The Hero was be published by Cast of Wonders.


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Industry Projects

  • Health100+
  • Insurance100+
  • Pets50+
  • Travel50+
  • Craft10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Jessica has an intense interest in health and health issues. Health is one of her favorite topics to discuss. She has experience writing about diseases, conditions and cosmetic services. Some of her health articles have also focused on animal health as well. Her medical health articles have been more informative in nature, while her cosmetic articles have had more of a sales spin to them.


Jessica has written many articles on insurance, including life, dental, auto and health insurance. She used to work as a claims processor at a small insurance company that processed alternative medicine claims. The company also processed dental claims for a short time. She also worked at another company that handled life insurance claims.


Jessica owns several pets and loves to write articles and blogs about pets and pet related issues. She mostly prefers to write about cats, but she would enjoy writing about any type of pet. Most of her experience writing pet articles has been pet health articles, but she has some experience writing pieces on behavioral pieces as well.


Jessica is a great writer of travel articles, and travel is one of her favorite topics. She has experience writing travel articles that are for informational purposes as well as articles that have more of a sales spin to them; however, she is flexible and can change her style to meet the client’s needs.


Jessica has a lot of experience writing about crafts. On top of that, she has experience in crafting. For a short time, she even earned money at home by selling handmade jewelry online.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Article10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Jessica has experience in writing blog posts, including travel, dental, alternative care, construction, health, pets, crafts and many more. She enjoys writing blogs about many different topics because it gives her a chance to learn something new and share it with others.


Jessica is an excellent article writer. Her experience includes articles on health, pets and traveling; however, she can write articles on nearly any subject matter. She can alter her writing style to match whatever the client needs for a particular article. Jessica prefers writing articles that have subheadings and bullets because they are more appealing to the eye, but she can alter her format depending on the clients wishes.

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